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6 Ways to Cut Down the Cost of Flowers


Buying flowers doesn’t have to take a toll on your wallet.

The following are 6 ways you can cut down the cost of the flowers.

  1. Preorder the Flowers

Preordering the flowers in advance will ensure that you have the flowers to send to your loved ones. At the same time, the flowers also become cheaper when you preorder them. It is recommended to preorder the flowers at least 3- 10 days in advance.

  1. Choose Flowers with Long Lifespan

You should choose flowers that have a long lifespan if you are looking for flowers that can give you the most bang for your money. Some of the long-lasting flower varieties are orchids, succulents, sunflowers, and zinnias. If you are choosing flowers that have a short lifespan, you should know how to care for them so that they can have a longer lifespan. Often, when you buy flowers, they will include a packet of floral preservatives so that the flowers can last for a longer time.

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  1. Save Money on Vase

You can save money on choosing the vase add-on for the flowers. Often, the free vase that is included in the flower delivery is ugly. Most people would prefer to use their vases for the flower bouquet. You can ask your local florist if they have any leftover vases from a special event that you can purchase. Usually, the florist will give you the leftover vase for free or sell it to you at a cheaper price.

  1. Save Money on Delivery Fees

You can save money on the flower delivery fee by delivering the flower yourself. If you deliver the flower yourself, you will be able to inspect its quality. If the recipient is in another country, you can use an international flower delivery service that has a partnership with the local florists. The nearest florist with the flower you want to buy in stock will deliver to the recipient. This will help you to save money on the delivery of the international flower order.

  1. Opt for Greenery in Your Flower Arrangement

You may want to opt for greenery if the flower is for an arrangement in your home. Greenery costs are cheaper than blooms. You can choose some less expensive bloom to go with the greenery. If you want to have a specific flower that you want, you should only consider using it in the focal points of the house. If you can’t afford the expensive bloom, you can choose a less expensive bloom that looks similar.

  1. Choose Local and Seasonal Blooms

Local blooms are cheaper as they are harvested from nearby flower farms. You can talk to your florist and ask about the blooms available locally. Usually, they will have labels for local and imported blooms. Seasonal blooms, which are designed for a specific season, are also cheap. You can ask the florist whether the particular local or seasonal bloom is available at the time of the special event you are celebrating.