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6 Tips To Healthy Eating On A Budget (Video)

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There’s no question that what you eat affects your health. But healthy foods, such as fresh produce, can be expensive. So how can you focus on healthy eating and still stay within your food budget?

In this Mayo Clinic Minute, Cathy Deimeke, a Mayo Clinic nutritionist, has six tips on how to work healthy foods into your diet without spending a lot of money.

Vivien Williams: Can you buy healthy foods and still stick to a budget? Absolutely. Here are six tips from nutritionist Cathy Diemeke. No. 1: Eat at home.

Cathy Diemeke: “Eating out is going to take up a lot of your food budget.”

Vivien Williams: 2: Meal plan.

Cathy Diemeke: “Before you go grocery shopping, make a list of what you’re going to make that week.”

Vivien Williams: 3: Cook once; eat twice.

Cathy Diemeke:  “Do a few extra chicken breasts, and you can slice that and put it on a salad the next day for lunch. Or the next night, you can make some quesadillas.”

Vivien Williams: 4: Buy in bulk. But be sure you’ll use everything that you buy before it
expires. Otherwise, you’re not saving. This is especially true when you’re buying produce. If you find your produce is going to waste …

Cathy Diemeke: “… go to the grocery store more frequently during the week …”

Vivien Williams: … Or buy frozen produce.

5: Clip coupons, check store flyers or promotions, and check out smartphone apps.

6: Freeze leftovers right away if you’re not going to eat them soon.

Ways to eat healthy foods and stick to your budget.
For the Mayo Clinic News Network, I’m Vivien Williams.