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Six Tips to Create Effective Signage

"Misspelled sign" by josephleenovak is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Banners are a great way to get your message across, they’re one of the best marketing tools if you want to immediately grab people’s attention. However, there’s a lot more to signage and banners than meets the eyes. A simple mistake can cost you the effectiveness of an otherwise successful campaign.

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid when creating your banner design.

Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes

The first thing that people will notice in a banner is the message. If they find any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, they will automatically question the credibility of your organization. For instance, if you run a clinic specializing in fungal acne treatment, patients may not want to make appointments if your outdoor sign has a spelling mistake.

Signs with errors don’t inspire trust, which means lost business opportunities. Even in non-business-related banners, like sports team banners or outdoor church signs, spelling mistakes can create blunders that will get you ridiculed and famous for the wrong reasons.

Since these signs are visual advertising tools, it’s important to have a clear message. Poor grammar and spelling will give an establishment, event, or business the wrong image. Go over the copy and check it before printing.

Messy Design 

Design and composition are important. Make sure that whatever the idea is, it’s also executed well. Consider the material, shape and size of the display, and then plan the images and texts with those in mind.

Gather various pegs and test multiple layouts with your design to see which one works best. Layouts can change depending on the messaging and the purpose of the banner. The best one for your display can be different from what you originally saw in your pegs.

Bad Spacing

A good design needs a balance of space in the placement of all elements. Design the banner with the reader in mind. Ask yourself if the information is something that will be easily understood by the reader. Failure to do so will make it look cluttered and all over the place.

Another thing to keep in mind aside from the white space is the negative space between letters and numbers. Banners tend to look bad when letters are placed awkwardly. Words should be visually cohesive. Otherwise, the mistakes will be very distracting and will affect the effectiveness of the banner.

Lack of Font Management

Aside from choosing the right font for the banner, it’s also important to make it simple. Don’t choose fonts that are too heavily designed, choose classic ones instead like Arial or San Serif. Simple fonts will be easier to read and digest. Don’t use too many fonts on a page because it will confuse the readers and will mess up the design.

Lack of or Exaggerated Color Blocking

Always use colors that work together. Whether it’s colors that complement each other (analogous colors) or colors that are in the same shade, always make it pleasing to the eye. Also, use high contrast colors, this way, you’re going to grab more attention and it’s more readable to people.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Banners and signs are indeed eye-catching, however, one of the most common mistakes people make is choosing the wrong material. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because every project is different. So how do you know what type of material to choose?

Answer the following:

  • Is the signage or banner going to be used indoor or outdoor?

Banners or signs that will be displayed outdoors will need to be more durable compared to ones that will be mostly used indoors. Indoor banners will naturally cost less, however, this doesn’t mean it will look less awesome.

  • Until when are you planning to use the signage or banner?

The material you’re going to choose will depend on how long you want the banner to last. Is it for a store advertising a sale or signage for an event? Knowing the purpose and how many times you’re going to reuse it will help you determine the right material you need.

  • How will it be displayed?

Being mindful of these six common mistakes will help you create an effective signage or banner. With it, you can build up your brand, store or establishment.


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