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6 Hormones You Need To Reset To Lose Fat Faster


Are you careful about what you eat but still can’t seem to lose the extra weight? Is your battle with the bulge a never-ending story? If you’re like so many others who seem to be reasonably active and not especially bad about what they eat, a hormonal imbalance may be to blame. Thankfully, the fixes, while requiring expertise and proper diagnosis, are not as hard to implement as you might imagine. Here are the 6 hormones you need to reset to lose fat faster.

1. Lower Insulin Resistance To Use Up Glucose

Insulin is a hormone you’ve probably heard about a lot in the news, thanks to its central role in new-age problems like metabolic syndrome. Insulin regulates how your body uses glucose from food for energy or fat storage.

When you are insulin-resistant, your body doesn’t respond to insulin normally. So glucose stars collecting in your blood. To compensate for this, your body produces more and more insulin. This eventually results in diabetes or prediabetes. The body is then unable to process glucose properly. Weight gain is a common fallout. Other problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome are also linked to insulin resistance.

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How To Lower Insulin Resistance

  • Get on a strict low-carb diet to keep the blood glucose levels from rising.
  • Include avocados, pomegranates, berries, lean proteins, peppers, and high-fiber grains to make your body more sensitive to insulin.
  • Build some regular exercise into your routine to help correct the underlying hormonal issues that are worsening the weight gain. Walking for just 30 mins daily can cut diabetes risk by 30%.

2. Lower Cortisol Levels To Stop Stress Eating

Cortisol is a stress hormone that’s meant to regulate your reaction to stressful situations. Unfortunately, if you expose yourself to too much stress because you’re not getting enough sleep, have a stressful work or personal life, or are simply not eating right (too much caffeine, perhaps?), you could end up with a surge of cortisol in your body that then lingers constantly.

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