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6 Good Reasons to Hire a Commercial Resume Writing Service


With millions of people having filed for unemployment across the world, there’s no question that breaking into the job market is tougher than ever. Whether you were just laid off from your previous job, are a recent college graduate, or are on the hunt for a new job in general, the pandemic has only increased the competition for you to secure a position.

In fact, for a single position alone, you could be in the applicant pool against hundreds of other desperate job seekers. With so many potential candidates, is there a way for you to possibly stand out?

Your resume can make all the difference between getting multiple job offers or receiving constant rejections sent to your inbox.

Legitimate resume writers will not only write your resume for you but completely optimize it with their knowledge of hiring practices to tailor your resume to your desired jobs. Here are six reasons why you should hire a professional writing service.

1. Resume Writers Know What Stands Out

After flipping through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes, many hiring managers and employers have constantly taken note of their weaknesses and what they lack.

On your end, it can be a complete mystery to decipher what the employers want to see. However, you don’t need to figure it out on your own. It’s the job of a resume-building expert to know what hiring managers are looking for when they’re screening resumes.

They know what a perfect resume looks like inside and out and can write one that’s perfectly tailored to your experiences and skills.

2. Looks Matter

Even if your experiences and skills were the best in the whole world, no one would care because your resume design would have made for a terrible reading experience.

Believe it or not, but some resumes might get tossed straight into the bin without ever having been looked at just because the style was poor. On top of that, different industries might not all prefer the same type of layout.

However, your resume writer won’t even have to bat an eye when it comes to the look of your resume. As the experts they are, they can help create an eye-catching, well-designed, and formatted document that can impress any recruiter it lands across.

3. It Saves Time

Needless to say, there are countless factors and questions you have to consider when optimizing your resume. Without the proper advice to lead you along the way, the process could take hours, if not weeks or months on end to perfect.

Instead, working with a professional can save so much time. You could spend those valuable hours applying to even more jobs or preparing for those interviews you’d inevitably receive.

4. It’s a Tough Market

Without question, this has been one of the hardest years to find a job. Many companies have not only laid off hundreds of their employees and have refused to take on any interns.

Unfortunately, that means you’ll only have to stand out that much more to have a chance at your dream job. Although it’s no easy task, resume writing services can instantly push you over the top of other job seekers when it comes to finding an edge.

5. They Understand ATS Software

Believe it or not, your resume may not even first be glanced at by a real person on the first round. Because thousands of applicants could easily apply to a single position, employers try to weed out some of the candidates by passing all the resumes through an applicant tracking system.

This software is dedicated to rejecting the bad apples, so you want to make sure that your resume can pass an ATS. However, it might be challenging to figure out what an ATS prioritizes. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because your resume writer is an expert in predicting just that.

6. It’s Not Costly

A preconception that you might have about resume writing services is that they’re extremely expensive. That’s definitely not the case. For most of these services, your cost will be determined upon which package you choose.

Quite often, the basic package is relatively inexpensive. There are even budget-friendly resume writing services that charge very affordable rates. Keep in mind that this small investment could produce huge returns for you in the form of a well-paid job.