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6 Broward House Demos Tried To Gut Sunshine Law


Bobby DuBose, Katie Edwards, Evan Jenne, Shevrin Jones, Jared Moskowitz and Patricia Williams – all from Broward – are state representatives of The People.

Apparently that label has a great big footnote.

They are representatives of The People only if The People don’t get too pushy and want to know what is happening with their government.

These six House members – all Democrats — voted this week to whittle away parts of the Sunshine Law.

They voted for HB 843, which would have allowed two government officials to meet and discuss public business in private.

Such discussions are currently only allowed at public meetings.

Luckily the bill failed, but not before these Broward politicians voted what is apparently their true belief: The public can’t be trusted to know about public business.

Electeds have been trying to gut the Government-in-the-Sunshine Law since it was first enacted in the late 1960s. Dozens of exemptions have passed. Yet few were as bold HB 843, which would have had far reaching negative effects on government transparency.

That six Broward House Democrats supported such an undemocratic bill is shocking.

By Buddy Nevins, BrowardBeat.com, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, May 4, 2017


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