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5 Simple Tips on How to Increase Your Boat’s Value

5 Simple Tips on How to Increase Your Boat’s Value
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Maintaining your boat’s value is a necessity, whether you want to sell it or simply want to give it an upgrade. Keep your vessel on the cutting edge with these tips on how to increase your boat’s value.

Perform regular maintenance

There’s no better way to ensure your boat stays in tip-top shape than by performing regular maintenance. There are several simple techniques that, when made into a routine, can do wonders to increase your boat’s value. Those include:

  • Washing your boat
  • Changing your boat’s oil
  • Inspecting the propeller regularly
  • Fixing any damages immediately

Even just a quick once over after an outing can make a world of difference in the long run.

Opt for the durability of vinyl

When it comes to wear and tear, few materials are as treacherous as carpet. Rather than dealing with the headache of cleaning and repairing this finnicky fabric, marine vinyl will give boaters the durability and style they need. Marine vinyl flooring is a breeze to clean, won’t fade, and has a much longer lifespan. If you need to know how to increase your boat’s value, there’s no safer bet than marine vinyl flooring.

LEDs add a touch of style

There’s nothing more stunning than the water at night, and that’s especially true if your boat has LED lights installed. LED lights are both energy efficient and stylish, which makes them a great way to increase value in more ways than one. It’ll add a subtle touch of customization that can make any boat stand out to potential buyers.

Invest in a fresh boat canvas

No matter how careful you are, your boat canvas will likely experience some wear and tear. With its total exposure to the elements, it’s a given that even new boats will need a fresh canvas after a couple years. A brand-new canvas is an especially enticing feature for potential buyers. If the wear and tear isn’t too bad or you don’t intend to sell for a while, though, routine maintenance and patchwork will do the trick.

Smart devices make boating a breeze

With the right technology, even an older boat can feel like new. To really give your boat a facelift, consider installing some new technology and smart devices. Media control centers are a huge hit with tech-savvy boaters for their ease and efficiency. Wakeboard speakers are another feature that can add great value, and a bit of fun, to your boat.

Regardless of what’s in style, at the end of the day, what matters is that you love your boat. With the proper maintenance and an innovative eye, your boat will stand out no matter where you go. Increasing its value doesn’t have to be rocket science—stick to what you know and love, but still incorporate something new, and soon enough you’ll notice the value rise.