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5 Reasons Floridians are Eager to Move to Spain

Placa Espanya in Barcelona

Americans have gone through a lot recently. We can mostly attribute this to the unprecedented pandemic that wreaked a lot of havoc in its path. The effects still linger on. This pandemic definitely left a lot of Americans being stressed out and anxious.

Therefore, it is absolutely understandable if the travel bug makes you itch to travel to another country or make a big move somewhere else. According to statistics released by the US State Department, the number of American ex-pats recorded abroad is over nine million. A significant sum includes Americans from Florida who live in Spain.

According to SDC International Shipping, here are the top 5 reasons Floridians move to Spain.

Favorable cost of living

Spain has favorable living costs, and boy are Floridian ex-pats eager to experience that. The country with some of the best cities any place can offer, such as Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. Its cost of accommodation and housing, healthcare, security, and transportation is relatively more affordable than most of the USA.

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The capital Madrid, and Barcelona, have a better cost of living than big American cities like New York City and Los Angeles, for example, posting about 40% better affordability rates. This illustrates how the general cost of living is much better than some Floridians are used to. As a result, Floridians looking to settle down for various reasons such as jobs, family reunification, and retirement see Spain as a viable destination country.

Economically stable environment for business

Spain is one of the world’s economically sound countries. It has been enjoying a good economic recovery in recent years before the pandemic struck in 2020. As you could predict, the pandemic harmed that and caused most of that progress to plummet a bit, just like almost all economies around the world. Nonetheless, Spain remains a bastion for effective business not only in Europe but in the world as a whole.

Floridian businessmen and women are eager to take advantage of this situation and put faith in Spain to explore options like Tech space, farming, and foodservice delivery. Train lines which connect almost every part of the country and buses using the well-developed roads facilitate easy travel and business deals in Spain. The numerous ports and air routes invite businessmen and women from Florida to the country too.

Access to a rich culture

Spain has a rich culture. Some rank it in the top 10 wealthiest cultures in the world. A wide variety of foods like Tortillas and Tacos, some American’s favorite meals, and dances such as salsa are attractive for people from America and Florida. They move from America to Spain to experience and learn new customs and norms too in this rich culture.

City centers are usually buzzing with party-fare and fiestas. It is an exciting attraction that people from Florida would love to enjoy. The Spanish people are some of the friendliest and welcoming in the world. They will open their arms and guide you each step of the way for a seamless transition in no time.

Favorable climate

Spain is located just north of the Mediterranean. This has an attractive Mediterranean climate as part of the package. Hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters characterize the weather. There are three different climate zones in the country because of their large size and position. Rain typically falls mainly in spring and autumn.

In the central parts, there are majorly scorching summers and cold winters. At the same time, surrounding areas experience much more rainfall because they are laced with rain forests. These varying and appealing weather conditions attract many Floridians to move there and settle.

Good Healthcare

Last but not least, Spain has a quality healthcare system. They boast some of the best health care policies rivaled by just a few in Europe. Naturally, this attracts a lot of Americans. Their health care system, made up of private and public delivery, guarantees coverage for all residents.

This is possible because the Public Healthcare delivery is decentralized. Since the majority of Spanish residents use the public health system, they can access it easily. This means that almost every location in the country, even suburban areas in all regions, has access to quality health care.