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5 of the Best Deep-Sea Fishing Lures for Catching Marlins

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Deep-sea fishing for a grander is one of the most exciting fishing excursions to take part in. Offshore fishermen reserve the term “grander” for a gigantic marlin—the pinnacle of sport fishing. Individuals admire marlines for the fight they give, their airborne acrobatics, and beauty. There is no greater prize than finding a blue marlin in the vast expanses of the ocean.

Since they are so prized, anglers have created and tried all manner of lures to catch marlins. During their careers, a lot of boat captains and charters create their own custom lures instead of buying pre-made. Knowing what the fish like and how they react to different movements in the water guides the making of lures. To help you bring in the biggest fish, we cover the best deep-sea fishing lures for catching marlins.

Joe Yee Super Plunger

Master lure maker Joe Yee has been creating lures for over 40 years. To this day, he makes every lure by hand in his basement. His super plunger is the most famous and widely used plunger style lure. This lure is responsible for catching the current record Pacific blue marlin, which weighed in at 1,166 pounds.

Marlin Magic Ruckus

For over 20 years, captain Marlin Parker has been making the Ruckus—one of his first designs. The Ruckus is a chopped down version of a larger lure. Parker shaves the nose down to bring in more air during the lure’s dive. When released, the extra air looks like a white explosion under the water, hence the name Ruckus.

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Black Bart 1656

The Black Bart 1656 got its name due to the size of the marlin that designer Bar Miller caught with it—the gigantic fish came out to be 1,656 pounds. The Black Bart 1656 is a versatile lure. It takes attributes from several successful lure designs and molds them into one. It doesn’t have a radical slant, so it will have no problem staying in the water. Additionally, the smaller size (12 inches) gets a lot of strikes from other fish species.

Copa Fishing Lures Tado

Although they look more like an art piece than fishing tackle, Steve Coggin’s Tado lures catch many granders. Coggin’s handmade creations have many small details in the color scheme that give them a unique look. The lure made its reputation in Kona, Hawaii, when a fisherman used it to catch a 1,197-pound blue marlin at a1993 fishing tournament. That monster still holds the record for largest tournament fish caught.

Tournament Tackle’s Ilander Lure

This legendary lure has probably caught twice as many Atlantic marlins than the closest competitor. It’s one of those lures that you will find on any boat no matter how remote the fishing spot. The Ilander lure is a high-speed troller that fishermen use on their way to the fishing grounds. It was the first lure to have realistic eyes and permanent nylon skirts, which are now common features.