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5 Natural Disasters You Need to Prepare for In South Florida

If you are moving to Florida you are likely ecstatic that winter weather will be behind you. However, Florida is home to its own set of natural disasters, and you need to be ready for anything.

Let’s take a look at five natural disasters that commonly occur in Florida, how to prepare, and what to do in the aftermath.

  1. Fires

Although Florida’s humidity prevents fires from engulfing a home, high winds can increase the intensity of flames. Northern Florida areas like Tallahassee are far less humid than Miami, but still susceptible to high winds from hurricanes.

It’s best to always make sure never to leave open flames burning unattended. You should also ensure that you can easily access fire extinguishers throughout the house.

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If you do experience a fire, the work is not done once it is out. You will need to call a fire damage restoration Florida company. Fire damage often brings water damage from the hoses used to put the fire out.

If you do not address all this damage as quickly as possible, it can lead to excessive structural damage, dangerous mold, and other severe problems.

  1. Hurricanes

Hurricanes are probably the most infamous natural disaster on this list. These storms wreak excessive havoc in Florida and often cause the rest of the natural events on this list.

The good news about hurricanes is that they usually give Floridians plenty of warning. Generally, you will know if a storm is going to hit your area several days in advance.

This time allows you to evacuate if necessary. You should always listen to the National Weather Service and your local government warnings to determine whether you need to leave.

If you decide to stay and ride out the storm, make sure that you take all the proper precautions and have all the necessary equipment. Know where the closest hurricane shelter is set up so that you can leave your home if it suffers significant structural damage.

  1. Tornados

Tornadoes often come hand in hand with hurricanes. They are remarkably dangerous because of how little notice people usually receive before they strike.

Designate one room of your home as the “safe room.” This room should be the most interior of the house, and it should not have any windows. You would likely go to a basement up north, but remarkably few exist in Florida because of the state’s low level of elevation.

As soon as you are aware of a tornado in your area, proceed to this designated room with flashlights, a radio with extra batteries, and snacks and water. We strongly recommend that you have a kit full of these supplies ready to go so that you can grab them at a moment’s notice.

  1. Severe Thunderstorms

Even though Florida is known as the Sunshine State, it rains quite a bit. In the summer, it is common for severe thunderstorms to occur every afternoon for several weeks straight. Frequently clearing debris from the gutters of your home is one way to prevent water damage to the house’s foundation due to heavy rains.

  1. Flooding

Some of the most dangerous floods in Florida happen as a result of a storm surge during a hurricane. However, flash flooding is also a concern in many parts of the state.

Consider investing in sandbags to safeguard your home if you expect it to flood soon. You should call a water damage specialist in the aftermath of a flood to ensure the house is structurally sound and no mold has grown.

Natural disasters can be terrifying and devastating, but they become a little less scary if you know what to do when they happen. Preparedness can save lives, and it is not something that you should overlook when you move to the Sunshine State.