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40,000 Search Queries Are Processed By Google – Every Second

World Wide Web Day is a global celebration dedicated to web browsing, the online activity that bring the whole world to your fingertips, and places a wealth of knowledge at your feet.

Have you ever found yourself saying “where would I be without the Internet?” – This is something that a lot of people remark all of the time!

  • The first-ever image that was posted on the World Wide Web, was uploaded in 1992 by Berners-Lee. It was a photo of Les Horribles Cernettes, which is a parody pop band that was founded by employees at CERN.
  • A librarian named Jean Armour Polly is credited with coining the term “Surfing the Web.”  This was as a consequence of an article she published called “Surfing the Internet” in March of 1992.
  • The first computer used by Sir Tim Berners-Lee as a web server was a NeXT computer.
  • This computer was also used to write the first web browser, WorldWideWeb.
  • It was announced that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone in 1993.
  • The launch of the Mosaic web browser in 1993 was a major turning point for the World Wide Web. It is credited with popularizing the World Wide Web.
  • While the first popular search engine is known as Yahoo! Search, it is believed that Archie was the first of its kind. This was the first tool for FTP archive indexing, enabling people to locate specific files.
  • The World Wide Web and the Internet are the not same things.
    • The internet is a network the computer connects to in order to access the World Wide Web. On the other hand, the WWW is software-oriented.
    • The history of the Internet goes back a lot further than the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is actually a worldwide information medium whereby people can access it using their computers when they are connected to the Internet.
    • The World Wide Web was conceived by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland, as a way for him to communicate with co-workers via hyperlinks.
  • At the start of 1993, there were only 50 servers around the world. By October of that year, there were over 500 servers and growing.
  • Archie was the first-ever search engine. It went live in 1990. From there, other search engines such as Google, and Yahoo were developed.
  • Yahoo! Directory was launched in January of 1994, and this was then followed by the search engine – Yahoo! Search – in 1995.
  • We also saw the start of web commerce in 1995, as Amazon and eBay were both founded. Amazon originally went online as a bookstore in 1995.
  • The WWW was not initially meant for the public and was devised to be utilized by physicists to share data.
  • 1991 – The WorldWideWeb browser is made available on the public internet.
  • 1993 – The graphical browser Mosaic is launched.
  • 1994 – InternetWorks is launched, which allows people to open tabs in the browser window.
  • 1996 – Internet Explorer is integrated into the Windows computer system.
  • There are over 1.8 billion live websites around the world.
  • The top five most popular websites list includes Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu, and Wikipedia.
  • 40,000 search queries are processed by Google every second.
  • The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971.
  • The first ever order placed on the internet was to Pizza Hut in 1994
  • It is estimated that at least more than 3 billion of the world’s population surf the web daily.
  • According to the most recent statistics, China leads as the country with the most active web surfers.
  • It is then followed by India then America.
  • The number of devices connected to the web exceeds that of the human population.
  • The web took four years to reach its first 50 million users while it took broadcast radio 38 years and television 13 years.
  • The first emoticon is credited to Kevin Mackenzie in 1979 who typed in the simple “-)”. Three years later, Scott Fahlman proposed a “:-)” which has become the norm.



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