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4 Tips To Prep Your Home for a New Puppy

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Bringing a new puppy home is exciting because you aren’t just adding a pet to your household but also a family member. However, there are many factors to consider before the pup’s arrival. For instance, you need to check if your home is pet-ready or if enough space is available for the dog in your household. To help you further, let’s discuss four of the best tips to prep your home for a new puppy.

Buy the Necessary Supplies

Take time to carefully buy the pup’s food, water bowl, leash, collar, dog comb and brush, crate, toys, and other supplies. The best way is to prepare a list of what you need before purchasing. This way, you won’t find yourself looking for something you need and not having it. Food is particularly critical because a poor puppy diet can quickly lead to larger issues. Not only do poor diets impact their energy, but they also impact the dog’s dental health in various ways.

Prepare the Puppy’s Area

Before you pick up your new puppy, ensure that the area where you will place them is comfortable and away from other pets for the first few nights. Let your pooch and the other dogs acclimate to each other’s scent first before letting them stay or play together. If the new pup is your only pet, make your home less scary for them since they are in new surroundings. For instance, don’t place the pup where various sounds can affect their sleep.

Introduce the Pup to the Family

If this is the only pet and you have kids around, it may not be ideal letting them have the freedom to play with the puppy instantly. Let the puppy acclimate to the people around it first, and allow your family to get to know it as well.

Make your family puppy-ready so that they all know the responsibilities as another caretaker to the puppy. Remember not to expose the puppy to your kids immediately because you still need to monitor how the puppy behaves and how your children react to the new pet.

Puppy-Proof the Whole House

Protect your puppy and your home from trouble. Of course, a puppy may not contain itself and might chew on things while exploring its new surroundings. Check every room where your puppy can roam around and see if there are any items or materials that may cause it any danger. Potentially dangerous items include falling cabinets and decor, as well as any toxic substances that the dog can access. These tips to prep your home for a new puppy will help when you are unsure about the proper steps to take.



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