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4 Things You Should Stop Overpaying For


We all have our must-haves when we head out to the store, but some of your most commonplace purchases could actually be costing you hundreds of dollars a year. Being a smart shopper doesn’t require hours of coupon clipping or ad scouring each week. Instead, by becoming more mindful of what you buy and their affordable alternatives, you can save and still walk out of the store satisfied every time. Start saving today by eliminating some of these purchases from your budget.

Bottled Water

Nothing beats the refreshing taste of cool, clean water, but your bottled habit is a pricey one. In addition to costing hundreds of dollars a year if you buy a bottle daily, bottled water is also horrible for the environment. Although many people do their part and recycle, they still contribute to the mounting problem of plastic waste. Not only does melting it down harm the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming, but it also leads to animal habitat loss and environmental destruction. Instead of wasting money on bottles, buy a water filter for your sink or a pitcher for the fridge. You can also carry a reusable bottle made from coated steel to keep with you throughout the day. Refills are often free or offered at a discount at most coffee shops.

Coffee Drinks

At an average of $4 to $6 per drink, coffee can be a huge expense. Buying just one a day would equate to a staggering $1460 to $2190 per year. That doesn’t include the muffin or sandwich you might decide to add on a whim when you’re eyeing the food case at checkout. You can make awesome coffee at home that is not only more affordable but also healthier. Brew your own coffee, learn to make different types of drinks, and start savoring the flavor and savings at home.


Snacks are a pantry staple in many households, but they often cost far more than they’re worth. To save money, you have some options. You can either buy in bulk at a wholesale club like Costco or BJ’s, or you could sign up for a subscription box that delivers snacks to your door monthly. Enjoy some of the most interesting snacks the world has to offer without leaving home. A snack subscription box can give you the best tasting box possible for far less than the cost of loading up on assorted bags at the grocery store.

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Brand-Name Medications

Unless your doctor specifically tells you to take only the brand name, you can get generics for half the cost. Sometimes, they’re even free depending on your health coverage. The only difference between brand and generic prescription medications is usually the name. They are just as safe, effective and dependable as their more expensive counterparts. GoodRX explains that drug manufacturers provide the same product to both brands and generic pharmaceutical companies. The FDA confirms that brand-name and generics of the same medication are equally effective.