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4 Of The Best Registered Agents In Florida


Limited liability companies (LLCs) are becoming one of the most popular business entities in the United States. With over 20 million LLCs in the U.S, many entrepreneurs are benefiting from all of the advantages related to personal asset protection, flexibility, and the ability to establish a business in any state from anywhere in the country and the world. 

One of the main requirements of an LLC in Florida is to elect a registered agent, a professional service can be elected or somebody within the LLC can become a registered agent. While it might be more convenient and more cost-effective to elect somebody within the LLC, some of the best registered agent services are able to provide LLCs with many benefits. With so many different professional services to pick from, it can be overwhelming and confusing to find the best in a field filled to the brim with potential registered agents. 

What Is A Registered Agent 

A registered agent is somebody who is responsible for receiving legal documentation with regard to government notices and lawsuits. They need to be available at one specific location during normal business working days and hours. Registered agents also organize all the legal documents and forward them to the LLC, ensuring efficiency and making sure the company is up to legal standards.

Some of the benefits of external registered agents include:

Faith Based Events
  • More privacy as legal communication does not need to occur at the actual business
  • Extra flexibility for business wonders as they are not tied to one place during normal business hours
  • Added sense of organization for the LLC
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New business owners in Florida want to ensure that they pick the best registered agents who will go above what is required of them, ticking all of the boxes listed above. Below is a list of some of the best registered agent services in the state of Florida. 


Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agents are well known for their customer support team. Northwest had a professional team made up of ex-lawyers, accountants, and even small business wonders who have gone through the exact same thing that other entrepreneurs have gone through. 

Besides doing everything a registered agent is meant to do, they try to establish a good relationship with their customers to ensure a smooth and steady process. 


Offering two different pricing options, ZenBusiness caters to the budgetary needs of all entrepreneurs who wish to establish an LLC in Florida and need a professional registered agent to help with long-term growth. 

While having a heavy focus on LLC formation, their registered agent service still offers good quality that can help entrepreneurs. 


LegalZoom puts all of its focus on registered agent services so that entrepreneurs can have full peace of mind when they choose them. 

One of the main benefits of going with LegalZoom is that they offer identity theft protection services. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who want to establish an online business in the state of Florida. 

Rocket Lawyer Review 

Well known for having great customer feedback and reviews, Rocket Lawyer Review is trusted by many entrepreneurs who need registered agent services for their LLC. 

With an optional subscription service and extra-legal services, Rocket Lawyer Review is able to exceed all expectations. Entrepreneurs who are looking for a registered agent service that can help their business with a good variety of business services should turn to this company. 

Choosing a registered agent service is very important for entrepreneurs who are starting out in the state of Florida. With so much competition, business owners need to do whatever they can to get a head start in the market, and a good registered agent that will ensure organization and good legal compliance can do that.

By following this link, entrepreneurs can learn more about LLCs in Florida and all of the logistics that go into the establishment process.