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4 Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Move to Florida

Tampa Skyline at Sunset

If you’re looking for a change of pace and want to relocate, Florida may be the perfect match for your lifestyle. Many people think of Florida as a popular locale for retirement, but there are far more reasons to move to the Sunshine State than you may realize.

Even if you’re afraid of alligators or don’t fancy yourself much of a beach-goer, there are plenty of aspects about Florida that you may not even know that makes it a perfect relocation destination.

If you’re thinking of moving to Florida but are still unsure, here are four non-obvious reasons to convince you.

1. The Sunshine State is sunny and temperate year-round.

One of the main reasons to move to Florida is that the majority of the year the state is sunny, warm, and beautiful. This can be a great respite if you’ve spent your life living somewhere cold like the North or the Midwest, where winters come with sub-zero temps and snow. It also means you can spend more time during the year rocking your warm-weather clothes and accessories, like tanks, shorts, sundresses, and that new off the shoulder blouse you’ve been dying to break in.

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Being in South Florida will especially give you an opportunity to show off those summery handbags, belts, and sandals that you only get to wear for a few weeks in the frigid Midwest. White House/Black Market offers an array of summer fashions that will have you looking like a true fashion-forward Floridian. Their easy, breezy summer options made with breathable fabrics also mean you won’t melt in the hot Florida sun, and will instead look effortlessly fabulous and sweat-free.

2. You can have both an indoor and an outdoor lifestyle.

Even if the beach isn’t your thing, there’s plenty to do in Florida besides hitting the shore. If you’re an outdoor lover, there’s fishing, parks, and swimming activities you can partake in. It’s easy to find a new home in South Florida and on the coast with a big backyard suitable for a custom pool and spa installation. Having a pool in your own backyard is the perfect way to ensure you’re spending time outside getting exercise and also relaxing.

Search for “pool companies Tampa” to find pool contractors that do new pool installation in the Tampa area at a fair price and with great care. You’ll find the right custom pool designers and pool builders who have years of experience and are guaranteed to do a great job with your at-home swimming pool.

3. Living in Florida won’t break the bank.

A big positive to moving to Florida is that living in the state won’t break the bank. It is possible to move inexpensively to Boca Raton, Tampa Bay, Pinellas, or even the Miami-Dade area without emptying your wallet on housing costs and expensive movers.

Finding moving companies Miami is easier than you may think, and you can find professional Miami movers, like Solomon & Sons, who specialize in storage and location with exceptional customer service and many years of experience. Finding a Miami mover with a professional manner and no hidden extra charges is key if you want to move to South Florida without going broke (or losing your mind).

4. Florida is a great destination for sports and entertainment fans.

Once you’ve found the perfect abode with ample space for your backyard pool and have paid for the best moving company to help with your relocation, you’ll want to venture out to experience some of the best things Florida has to offer, like sports culture and entertainment and amusement parks.

If you’re a Florida resident, you can score major discounts on attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. And if sports are more your speed, you’ll love catching Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins games. The attractions in Florida will make you certain of your decision to move.