4 Myths About Online Gambling Debunked

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It is no surprise that the online gambling industry is a big and flourishing business – the industry is far greater today than what it once was.

Over the years, operators have introduced a set of improvements to the security of their gambling sites. Thanks to cutting-edge protection technologies introduced in an ever-growing number of online casinos, the online gambling industry of today is largely viewed as a safe enterprise.

And yet, myths regarding the insecurity of online gambling still exist, and their number grows by the day. As a matter of fact, there are myths about almost everything online gambling-related. In the following article, supercasinosites.com will embark on some online casino myth-busting.

1. A changed bet size means higher winning chances

Without a doubt, this is the most common myth we have come across. And if you have played online casino games with an instant messaging function, you might have heard it, too. The exact date of birth of this myth remains unknown to this day, but we can say it has certainly had an impact. Believe it or not, even some game developers advise players to use betting strategies, as the game, “may automatically respond to changed bet size.”

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Forget what players, and even developers, tell you – increasing or decreasing the bet size does not improve a player’s winning chances. If this myth was true, then players who stake less would be at a disadvantage, and we know they are not. Further, slot games are tested by third-party companies on a regular basis and their fairness is measured – if a slot’s payout algorithms are not fair, the game would not be available to play.

2. Winners will not receive their money

Another widely popular myth has to do with the wrongful assumption that online casinos will not pay out when the player wins. Those who never gamble often come up with such a statement, but you should know it is another wrong myth.

As a matter of fact, casinos benefit from happy players, as happy customers often come back. Naturally, the best way to retain players is by giving them the money they win. This is not the only reason, though. Online operators win enough funds through the house edge they have in games, which makes scamming players out of their winnings virtually pointless.

But what happens if a player does not receive their winnings? Well, the casino gets scrutinized. You will be surprised how vocal scammed players tend to be. Thanks to this, whenever a player is not given the money they have won, the casino is often shut down just a few days afterwards.

3. Players can expect a bonus every X spins

This is another myth we have heard way too often, and not without a reason. Players often get tease after tease, which convinces them that the more they play, the closer they get to a bonus feature. Surely, after seeing more than 100 teases on the game’s biggest bonus, players expect the win to happen soon.

So, let us debunk the myth. As you know, slots have varying RTPs and an array of volatility levels, but these do not apply to bonuses. Essentially, bonuses can be received on any spin. For example, you can get a bonus 10 times in a row or get just a 1 over 500 spins – the truth is, you can not say when the bonus is going to appear. That is why there is no point in believing that the more you play, the closer you get to a bonus.

4. Online gambling stimulates underage gambling

This undoubtedly is one of the most shocking myths we have ever heard about online gambling, and it is also among the wrongest, too.

Casino naysayers have no way of knowing, but online casinos have incredibly strict rules when it comes to age verification. Most online gaming sites require ID documents which prove players’ identity, and that is not the only way they ensure their players are old enough to gamble.

Believe it or not, experts dealing with online gambling complaints have to deal with age issues very rarely. The case is not such at land-based casinos, though, where teenagers who look old enough can easily get into a casino, using a fake ID.

Overall, there are so many myths about online gambling. While some myths might have been true in the past, they certainly do not apply to today’s gambling industry, where regulations and security measures reign.