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4 Factors Potential Clients Consider When Choosing A Law Firm


The legal field is crowded, and when potential clients are in crisis, your law firm needs to stand out if you want them to choose your practice over the competition. So, how can you make sure yours is their firm of choice? As with so many things today, it all comes down to marketing and brand representation.

When potential clients are trying to choose the right law firm, they typically evaluate their choices on the basis of these four major factors.

If you can put these front and center on your website and other marketing materials, you’ll give your firm a competitive edge.

Specialty Specifics

In general, the first thing that clients look for when choosing a lawyer is their specialization. Just because an individual may have a long-term relationship with a firm because they helped them buy a home or handle a divorce, that doesn’t mean that the same lawyer is the right choice for their personal injury case or bankruptcy filing. Clients want to see that you’ve handled a large number of cases in the relevant specialty, so consider sharing case statistics by niche on your website.

Professional Presentation

Another major factor that clients weigh when choosing a law firm is how your firm presents itself. Many law firms have generally similar websites, which can make them feel anonymous and unappealing to clients. Working with a comprehensive law firm marketing company can ensure that you have an appealing website that fully expresses what makes your firm unique. Include team member profiles, case studies, and other details that demonstrate why your firm would be a good fit for their needs.

Off-Site Marketing

As a lawyer, your website is one of your most powerful tools, but it’s not the only way to attract clients. Your firm can also benefit from campaign-driven marketing. Such marketing uses targeted content meant to engage clients across various stages of the search process. In other words, it includes information of value both to those just beginning to look at listings and websites as well as those who are much closer to booking a consultation. These campaigns also include a set of key performance indicators which, like website analytics, can help your firm evaluate how well it is meeting its objectives.

Information Up Front

While there are a handful of clients out there for whom money is no object, most people need to know what to expect before they can commit to working with a lawyer. That means you should be upfront about fees and expectations that potential clients need to know about, ideally even before offering a free consult. This saves both you and interested parties time since there’s no reason to spend billable hours handling unpaid consultations for cases you’ll never be hired for. Especially when working with individuals concerned about a legal case – people who are already stressed and overwhelmed – being upfront can do a lot to boost your firm’s appeal.

How you present your law firm will obviously vary based on your target audience, but for those serving the bulk of the population in sectors like family or personal injury law, distinguishing yourself is the bulk of the challenge. Make it clear who you are and why you’re different, and seek out clients where they are. 

There may be a lot of competition, but with the strategic presentation, you can be the leading name in local law.  




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