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3D Printed Houses In Florida May Boom From Increased Housing Prices

Concrete production isometric composition with view of 3d printed building under construction with cement mixing truck

3D printing is a new technology in housing construction that challenges the traditional way we now build houses. The traditional way currently has a long turnaround time, increasing labor costs, shipping costs, and vacancy costs. It also has problems with the ever-increasing prices of traditional construction material.

3D printing companies are hoping to bypass these problems and make an affordable and scalable house that quickly lowers the number of renovations and fixing needed. Below are some of the reasons why 3D printing may boom in the Florida housing market.

Florida Housing Continues To Rise

Florida’s housing prices have continuously risen since the 2012 housing market crash from 254k to 282k in a year. It has been increasing at an even faster rate from 2020 to 2021. The lack of supply in the market is one of the many reasons why housing prices are going up.

It is mostly due to the residents holding onto their houses alongside fewer skilled workers in the residential sector. There is also an increase in demand due to Florida’s numerous residential benefits. These increasing prices are leaving future residents and movers to look for less expensive solutions like 3D printing.

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3D Printing Material Is Ideal For Florida Storms

Florida storms can be a huge cost to living in Florida. 3D printing with a resilient concrete solution may solve that problem for home-buyers for a lower price. This weather resilience is not only ideal for reducing long-term costs but also targeting the home-buyers who have faced devastating weather and cannot leave.

Energy Saving Material In Florida Heat

The moderately high temperatures in Florida can result in moderately high energy costs in the spring and summer months for traditional homes. The concrete material can outperform the traditional homes due to their overperformance in insulation standards. Outperforming the traditional standards will allow home buyers to have superior savings when compared to other listings.

Pest Resistant Material

During the spring and summer months, the mild temperatures make it ideal for certain pests and insects to breed. Having good pest control and infestation prevention is ideal in Florida. Concrete structures from 3D printing will allow for an added layer of protection against pests. There will be no outside rot and no cracks to worry about outside of traditional windows and door frames.

Inside Can Be Remodeled

A foundation of techniques for building 3D printed homes is now being developed. Still, a common tactic used by the industry leader, Icon, is building traditional frames inside of the home for when owners want to remodel in the future.

An adjustable frame allows the owners to have the freedom to change their structure in the future. Their tastes may change with home trends, or they may need to sell the house based on the current market’s tastes.

Real Estate Investors Will Take Advantage of the Situation

Real estate investors may be the first movers in this sector. Their added knowledge and capital can help introduce the idea of the homes and take on the risk of production and costs because of their upside. They will be able to get higher margins because of the price and have the design as a selling point, increasing demand, and awareness of 3D printed homes.

What Could Be Stopping 3D Printed Homes From Booming

There aren’t enough contractors able to perform 3D printing. They need the tools and the know-how to even begin to consider entering the industry. 3D printing homes will be more like them learning an entirely new trade. They also do not know the regulations and if their standard contracting license will suffice. Even those with an engineering background and 3D printing background still need to obtain a contracting license and a fair sum of capital to start.

Quick Summary

Housing prices in Florida have risen by 38k from last year’s average prices due to demand. The pricing is causing residents or future residents to look for new housing methods. 3D printing houses may be that new method because of the concrete’s resilience to bad weather, water damage, pests, mold, and energy loss in high temperatures.

Real estate investors will most likely be the first movers because of their knowledge of the market, their capital, and possible upside. The only bottleneck is the number of contractors experienced in 3D printing and experienced engineers not knowing regulations.