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33 Benefits Of Carrots And Carrot Juice

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Carrots are considered rabbit food according to most people. There are plenty of iconic pictures of rabbits eating carrots, especially those pertaining to Bugs Bunny.

However, carrots are a great food for people, too. Most people think carrots are great for the eyes, which really is not an untruth. This truism does not entice people to add carrots to their diets more often, though.

It is really sad that carrots are not consumed more by the average person. They are full of plenty of vitamins and nutrients that are required in most diets.

Rabbits are really on to something by consuming so many carrots. They are great for a munching snack, though they are even better to be added to other dishes, too.

There are so many health benefits to eating carrots and drinking carrot juice. At the same time, they are affordable and can be added to many recipes with ease.

1. What Carrots are

2. A history of carrots

3. Nutritional value of carrots

4. Health benefits of consuming carrots

5. Many recipes containing carrots

6. The right juicer to turn carrots into juice

Perhaps rabbits are onto to something when it comes to eating carrots. After all, Bugs Bunny seems to be rather slim and trim, and he eats on carrots all of the time. He also seems to have great eyesight as well.

Based on this popular visage of carrots, they are a great addition to any diet. They do not have to be only consumed as a small snack coated in salad dressing.

Carrots, without a doubt, are one of my favorite vegetables to include in many dishes.

Some of my family members are a little prejudiced against carrots because of their seemingly bland flavor.

However, they and other people are in for a rude awakening when they realize how many different dishes actually contain carrots.

We are not simply talking about carrot cake, either. There are so many ways to consume carrots, and I find a great fondness for them in most realms of cooking.

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