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3 Home Meditation Techniques to Combat COVID-19 Stress


This current global health situation has got us all stuck in our houses and entirely burnt out.  But as much as we all know that the virus itself attacks our physical health, the effects brought by the pandemic also have negative outcomes mentally and socially.

Aside from the fact that we are not able to see our friends and loved ones personally, the longingness for them will remain and we will continue to look for their affection and presence. Moreover, the desire to share our personal stories while feeling emotions of joy and excitement cannot be felt alongside them. It’s quite saddening that we have to deal with this situation for a longer period and it is taking its toll on our mental healths.

Recently, plenty of studies have been released that concern the growing levels of depression, anxiety, and other psychologically-related illnesses were published. Mostly stated that the pandemic is one of the major causes of such increase.

Likewise, the sudden changes in the routines of most families are major adjustments that had to be applied, which has impacted their lifestyles.

Faith Based Events

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a well-recommended activity for people of any age. It is a known practice even before the age of modern civilization, mostly in religious and spiritual sessions as a mode of communication to the spirits and other deities. Today, it is applied as a form of relaxation and breathing technique to remove stress and anxiety. Yes, others prefer practicing it along with their friends but with the current circumstance, you will have to do it in the comfort of your home.

But if you feel comfortable doing it with the company of others, we have suggestions that you can look into while you meditate.

Livestreamed Online Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a common form of meditation technique that is aimed to develop the person’s full awareness of their current surroundings. Now, there are lots of online meditator experts that offer live mindfulness meditation lessons to their students who are eager to learn the technique amid the pandemic.

This technique makes use of the sensitivity of the person to feel the environment and blending into the moment as if you are personally there. This is beneficial because it improves the metacognitive awareness and replacing the natural response of being disengaged with the surroundings which have become the response of many people nowadays during the pandemic.

 Virtual Outdoor Walking Meditation

Meditation is not only about staying put, silent, and sitting while concentrating on your place alone. It could also be done while actively moving. For instance, you could do a virtual call with a friend and have them walk with you while having a tour of your entire house. For some, they consider this some type of a unique calming therapy due to various reasons.

First, you can connect with a friend or do a type of exercise together even by just walking together which can make your bond stronger as you helped each other to become better versions of yourselves despite the many hindrances caused by the pandemic. This is also one way to regain the enthusiasm in meeting people even when they are far away from you.

 Paid Online Personal Meditation Appointments

 If you have a personal meditation trainer or instructor, you can consult them for possible dates to schedule a certain time to do your meditation together. You can set the date where both of you are vacant, In this manner, you have helped them retain their occupation despite the rising levels of unemployment due to the pandemic. This is also beneficial because the meditation practice will be tailored to your requests and demands in which the instructor could address it directly and apply methods that could also be helpful to you.

Nothing can stop us from building the best versions of ourselves physically and mentally. It is only a matter of dedication and hard work to master meditation and disciplining yourself to apply it in your everyday routine.

So, if you think you are in for a session, you may start by searching for meditation groups in Maryland and check which ones could cater to your meditation needs.