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3 Elements To A Great Golf Course

South Florida has many things that make it famous across the globe, a perfect climate under a glorious sun, the keys, the glamorous city of Miami, a vibrant music scene and sublime cuisines. It also has some of the world’s best golf courses, and its pleasant year-round weather conditions means that visitors or residents here are never short of opportunities to get the clubs out.

Another reason that South Florida’s courses are so revered is that they take a holistic view of what a golf course should be like, adhering to the following three key elements.

Eye Pleasing Features

Golf is a great way to get fit, and the average golfer (dependent upon their weight and how quickly they walk, as opposed to using a cart) can burn off around one and a half thousand calories, meaning you’re getting a better work out than if you hit the gym for half an hour.

One reason that golf is so popular, however, is that it’s also pleasing on the eye, and for all the senses. That’s why a great golf course should be visually exciting, with lots of rolling undulations and contrasts between the shades of green. Water features are also a famed component of many golf courses here in the sunshine state, but whatever attributes the courses have, our groundskeepers do a fantastic job keeping them in great shape all year round.

Safe And Stable Walkways

A top-quality golf course of the kind found in South Florida places safety as the prime concern, for both golfers and spectators. This is especially important for courses that hold large tournaments that attract an audience, of course, which is why more and more courses are turning to granite, aggregate, and sand for golf courses from Kafka Granite. Their perfectly blended polymer mix is at the cutting edge of pathway technology, meaning that golfers and spectators alike will have grip and stability beneath their feet. It’s in use at some of the most prestigious courses across America, from Erin Hills to Whistling Straits, the chosen venue for the 2020 Ryder Cup.

Great Facilities

The golf course itself is always going to be a major attraction, but it’s important to consider the facilities around it as well. That means that there should be ample parking available, a driving range and putting greens and, of course, an excellent clubhouse. This is the beating heart of any golf course, a place where people can discuss their round or just relax in the company of like-minded friends.

Forward-thinking golf courses across South Florida and beyond are also implementing ways to attract families to the clubhouse and the course, as these are the golfing generation of tomorrow and golf can be a perfect sport for children to take up.

When you’re in South Florida you’re never far from a high-quality golf course, and the likes of Emerald Hills in Hollywood, Florida, to the Breakers Ocean Course at Palm Beach are just some of the great courses you’ll love to play on. There are courses suitable for all levels, but one thing that unites them all are the three key elements we mentioned.