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17 Health Benefits of Zucchini (+3 Zucchini Recipes)


The zucchini is actually a type of summer squash, with a creamy, white flesh and a crisp green skin that’s chock full of nutrients. The summer squash, or zucchini, makes a great addition to summer meals, when the plant is in season. Fortunately, zucchini are available year-round, and can be used in your culinary plans for any season of the year!

What makes zucchini so special?

Each variety of zucchini may come in a different shape, size, or colour, but the general nutritional benefits are pretty much the same

All parts of a summer squash are edible – the skin, the seeds, and the skin. Some types of summer squash even have edible flowers that add extra nutrition to the vegetable. Summer squash, unfortunately, aren’t as durable as winter squash. They’re much softer, and exire a lot faster – so don’t think about storing them on the windowsill for months at a time!

Summer squash are an excellent source of carotenoids – a family of nutrients that make up what we commonly call vitamin A. Some study groups report that zucchini provides the primary source of carotenoids out of any vegetable in the group’s entire diet! Summer squash are also on the top 3 providers of lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-cryptoxanthin, three other key antioxidants that are revered for their nutritional benefit.

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