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16 Wild Denim Designs That Went Viral And Baffled The Internet

Carmar Denim's "Extreme Cutout Jean." Carmar Denim *BusinessInsider.com)

In the past year or so, denim has evolved beyond the categories we all know and love.

In place of the boot-cut, skinny, and distressed, the fashion world has spawned some impressively inventive, and baffling, looks.

There was the denim jacket that would only fit Slenderman; there was the one that would swallow you whole. There were jeans for flaunting your butt cheeks and jeans for flaunting your butt crack. There were upside-down shorts and detachable jean legs; denim bustiers and denim thongs.

Below, check out 16 of the wildest denim designs that have left people scratching their heads.

Topshop’s “Clear Knee Mom Jeans.” Nordstrom (BuisnessInsider.com)

People had a lot to say about these jeans with transparent plastic panels.

In March 2017, the internet was divided over this $95 pair of jeans from Topshop . Featuring large, plastic-covered cutouts over both knees, the pants had some reaching for their wallets and others tweeting in disbelief .

Sadly, if you’re hoping to draw people’s attention to your knees, look elsewhere. This pair is currently sold out everywhere.

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