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15 Back Strengthening Workouts to Try At Home


People often complain about back pains after working the whole day in front of their computer screen. And as days, months and even years pass, the pain becomes chronic if left unattended. Why does this happen? It’s all because of a group of muscles that have been ignored by work and the lack or absence of exercise. Backaches will affect not only one’s health but also his posture. Aesthetically speaking, those with right posture would look much better in suits and strapless dresses. The only way out of back pains are exercises that would strengthen the back muscles that will maintain proper movement and prevent back injuries.

The back muscles are involved in almost all the movements people make each day, from simple bending just to tie one’s laces to carrying out heavy loads. In cases of lifting loads, the lower back is almost always the victim, especially for people who don’t make any efforts to strengthen the back muscles. Back pains can also be caused by immobility. One may think that desk jobs can spare him from back pains. That, of course, is a misconception. Most of us have experienced back pains when we sit for many hours. Such habits will cause back strain as well as disc pressure.

Exercising the posterior is as important. Don’t spend too much time sitting or being in a state of immobility. Get up and walk around every hour if the work involves sitting down a lot. Or better still, a person can do some fundamental exercises that can strengthen his back muscles. The best part is that these exercises need heavy weights or gym equipment.

Side Plank

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This exercise will build strength and endurance to the core muscles. It will protect the lower back and keep it stable when engaging in activities that will require hip and back movements.

  • Lie on the side, either the right or the left. Be sure the body is in a straight line, with the elbow directly under your shoulder.
  • Now gently contract the abs muscles, then lift the hips off the floor and maintain the line. Keep the hips square and the neck in-line with the spine.
  • Hold the position for about half a minute then gently lower to the starting position.
  • Repeat the routine two to three times, alternating sides.
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