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14 Ways To Save At CVS

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CVS is a one-stop shop for prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, but it also carries a wide variety of personal and home products. If you frequent CVS, you can get a lot of shopping done on a single visit — but your bill can add up quickly. Luckily, there are many ways to slash your expenses at your favorite pharmacy chain. Here are 14 ways to save at CVS.

1. Use your FSA or HSA


cvs videoFlexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) are tax-advantaged savings plans that let you avoid paying taxes on certain medical expenses. These costs include prescriptions, OTC medications and other health products. Before your next CVS trip, check your plan’s list of eligible purchases to see what’s available.

Not every health purchase is covered, so make sure you’re in the clear before you use your plan. You may be required to submit receipts, and in some cases you might need a letter of medical necessity from a doctor.

2. Get a CVS ExtraCare card


When you sign up for a CVS ExtraCare card, you will earn 2% back in ExtraBucks for most purchases. ExtraBucks are essentially cash rewards that can be used for future CVS purchases. You can even earn ExtraBucks rewards on purchases you pay for with existing ExtraBucks, rolling your rewards forward. Plus, your ExtraCare card can get you exclusive deals online and in stores.

3. Link your prescriptions to your ExtraCare account


To take advantage of the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program, you will need to link your ExtraCare card to your CVS.com account. Once you do, you’ll earn credits every time you fill prescriptions and perform other actions. Every ten credits equals $5 in ExtraBucks, and you can earn up to $50 in ExtraBucks rewards annually. The balance resets on December 31, so remember to use your rewards before the end of the year.

4. Sign up for ExtraCare BeautyClub


If you get your beauty products from CVS, the ExtraCare BeautyClub can help you earn rewards on cosmetics, hair care, skin care, fragrances and more. For every $30 you spend on beauty products, you’ll earn $3 in ExtraBucks rewards. Plus, you’ll get a welcome gift, a birthday gift, exclusive deals, product samples and early access to new beauty supplies.

5. Get the CVS app


With the CVS app, you can access exclusive ExtraCare deals and receive your digital receipts — an easy way for lazy shoppers to save.

6. Sign up for email alerts


https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/close-up-woman-using-modern-smart-phone-home-sitting-sofa-enjoying-internet-connection-wireless-female-people-with-application-cellular-writing-reading-emails-notification_14878804.htm#page=1&query=email%20alert&position=47You can sign up for email alerts at CVS.com. CVS will deliver coupons, deals and rewards offers directly to your inbox.

7. Check the weekly ad


The CVS weekly ad contains product sales, buy-one-get-one offers, free gifts and ways to earn additional ExtraCare rewards. You can look for local circulars or check the weekly ad online.

8. Use manufacturer coupons


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Customers are allowed to combine one-time-use CVS coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, applying multiple sales to single purchases. This gives you the ability to earn deeper discounts on your favorite items, so save your manufacturer’s coupons for your next CVS trip.



9. Join the CVS advisor panel


https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/customer-satisfaction-online-survey-form_2693553.htm#page=2&query=online%20survey&position=21The CVS Advisor Panel is a group of customers that take online surveys a few times a year, providing CVS with customer feedback. Participating in the program makes you eligible to receive ExtraCare savings and rewards.


10. Visit the ExtraCare coupon center

Next time you’re in CVS, look for the little red kiosk — it’s the ExtraCare coupon center. You can scan your ExtraCare card or enter your phone number and the machine will dispense coupons tailored to your favorite purchases.


11. Follow CVS on social media


https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/phone-with-icons-social-media-facebook_6303250.htm?query=phone%20social%20mediaSpend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter? Make sure to follow the official CVS social media accounts for deal alerts.




12. Ask for a rain check


If your local CVS is out of a particular sale product, ask for a rain check. They’ll apply the deal for you when the item is back in stock.

13. Check your receipts


Whether you receive paper receipts or digital receipts, check for deals you can use next time you shop.


14. Shop online

https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/young-woman-making-internet-payment_10675892.htm?query=online%20shoppingCan’t find a deal in store or don’t have the time to make the trip? Take your shopping online for deals — you can also check CVS.com for sales on your favorite products.

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