13 Yoga Poses For Seniors

Aging is a gift. It is a blessing to have lived many years not to forget the wisdom and grace that comes with it.

YogaHowever, your senior years do come with some challenges including an increased risk for illness, reduced in muscle mass and strength, loss of flexibility and balance, reduced mobility, and decline in memory among others.

These challenges do not need to spell doom for you with each passing birthday. Practicing a healthy lifestyle that involves exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of your mental and emotional well being can help you live well even in your senior years.Research has shown that practicing yoga regularly offers numerous benefits for seniors.

Benefits of yoga for seniors

Boosts strength and stamina by helping you to build muscles and improve your bone density.

Promotes your mental health. Many mental illnesses are associated with growing older, including Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and depression among others. Yoga and its meditative aspect had been shown to promote the development of gray matter, reduce stress and improve circulation to the brain.

Improves your cardiovascular and respiratory functions.  Continuous deep breathing emphasized in yoga activates your respiratory system and increases your lung capacity.

Improves your flexibility and agility. As we grow older, the body naturally loses flexibility. Practicing yoga promotes circulation to the joints and ensures that your joints are able to move within their range of motion.

Helps in prevention and management of chronic illnesses such as arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

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