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11 Health Benefits of Eggs, According to Science (+12 Mouthwatering Egg Recipes)

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Eggs have been given a bad reputation by many scientists and nutritionists over the last few decades.

However, they are actually a superfood and beneficial to the body in many ways.

In this article we detail the 11 health benefits of eggs, according to science.

And stay tuned to the end for some healthy egg recipes to make any breakfast too amazing to pass up.

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1. Eggs Keep You Fuller Longer

Eggs are one of the foods that we eat that are naturally filling thanks to all the protein that are packed into them.

Eggs are one of the foods that rates pretty high on the Satiety Index. This is the index that measures how well different foods satisfy us and keeps us full. It also measures the food’s ability to keep us from consuming more calories.

There was a study done that took 30 overweight women and had one group eat a bagel for breakfast and the other group ate eggs for breakfast.

They found that the group who ate the eggs had less for subsequent meals for the next 36 hours after eating the eggs.

Another study took over 150 overweight men and women and split them into two groups.

Again, one group ate eggs, while the other ate bagels with meals being equal in calories.

During an eight week period, they discovered that the group that ate eggs had the following results:

  • 65% more weight loss than the bagel group
  • 61% greater reduction in their BMI
  • 34% greater reduction in their waist measurements
  • 16% greater reduction in body fat percentage

While the differences weren’t enormous, the results clearly show that eating eggs has benefits when it comes to losing weight.

Bottom Line: Studies show that eating eggs can help you stay fuller longer, which can lead to eating less throughout the day.

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