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10 Tips For First Time Skiers and Snowboarders


Skiing and snowboarding are sports just like any other and mistakes are bound to happen. However, these mistakes can prove to be quite costly to one’s health or finances. All skiers and snowboarders from beginners to the professionals are prone to mistakes; after all, to err is still human. Most of these mistakes can also be avoided.

What are some of the mistakes skiers at any level should not do?

  1. Regardless of how cool your sunglasses may be, do not substitute them for a good pair of ski goggles, they just do not serve the same purpose.
  2. It goes without saying that you should never attempt to ski without your helmet on, even if you are a pro on a gentle slope, take care of yourself.
  3. Skipping skiing school, weird but it happens. While there are people who are quick studies that will get on a slope and just go at once, you shouldn’t automatically assume you are one of those. Go to a school and learn from an actual instructor. There is quite literally no prize for self-taught skiers.
  4. Try as much as you can not to lean back, this might cause you to lose your balance increasing chances of falling. Leaning forward regardless of how fast you are going or how steep the slope gives you better balance.
  5. Dress warm, if you are cold you are going to miserable. Wearing warm clothing like a good ski jacket and heated socks will keep you comfortable on the slopes.
  6. Having the poles in wrong positions can cause you to lose balance more often, try to keep the poles in their designated spots to be safe. In addition, keeping the poles to your back when skiing, not in front of you.
  7. Stopping to take snack breaks or photo breaks mid trail. Millennials I see you. Snap if you must but do it outside the trail; a bunch of speeding skiers might plow right into you if you stop in the middle of the trail.
  8. Going to the slopes in the mid-morning or worse afternoon. The best time to ski is in the morning after the trail has been groomed overnight and the powder is still fresh. This is also a good way to avoid crowds.
  9. Most skiers get tempted to shake the snow off their skis while sitting in the chairlifts. Just don’t do it; you will likely send your skis tumbling off all the way down. Rented or purchased; take care of your skis.
  10. Don’t lose your temper on the trails, you will lose your cool probably because of frustration with the learning process or even when skiing down the slope and someone else’s error sends you tumbling along with them. People are different, be nice indiscriminately.

There are a lot more mistakes that skiers and snowboarders make that are even more technical like having the wrong stance, wrong hip or shoulder movement. These issues can be sorted while training where one can simply follow the instructor’s instructions.

All in all, keeping it safe will be good not only for you but fellow skiers as well.