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10 Health Benefits Of Bay Leaves That Keep Diseases At Bay

You might know bay leaves as a flavor in Asian dishes. It’s a refreshing and aromatic herb. But several people are unaware that bay leaf is incredible for your health as well. Bay leaf aka bay-laurel comes from the family lauraceae. Used widely in traditional medicine, the herb is also regarded as a symbol of honor. Ancient Greeks would crown their war heroes and Olympians with a wreath of bay leaves.

Bay leaves are popularly used in soups, rice, stews, and other dishes packed with flavor. Here’s why you should consider including them in your life too.

1. Controls Diabetes

One study revealed that people who had ground bay leaves twice a day reduced their blood sugar level. It found that bay leaves contains compounds that can help process insulin at an efficient rate. Bay leaves are also beneficial to people with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study also noted a dip in total cholesterol levels.

2. Promotes Heart Health

Bay leaf contains rutin and caffeic acid. These compounds have been found to toughen the walls of your heart and decrease cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels can lead to a buildup of plaque and this could cause a heart attack or a stroke.

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3. Aids Digestion

Constipated? Bloated? Bay leaf can help get your digestion back on track. In ayurveda, bay leaf is considered to help with your digestive fire. It helps you remove excess toxin from the body because of its diuretic (something that increases urination) property and stimulate digestive juices. Also, the enzymes present in bay leaf have been found to help break food down efficiently, useful for people with irritable bowel syndrome or any other digestive issue. One study suggested bay leaves could help reduce the symptoms of celiac disease as well.

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