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10 Essay Writing Problems That Students Often Encounter


Are you familiar with the challenges in writing an essay? It’s safe to say that essay writing is a sophisticated task, especially for high school students or those whose English is often poor. A team of professional writers at CustomEssayOrder is confident that for such individuals, there is nothing more frustrating than taking a plain paper and thinking for hours about what to write and how to write. Whether you want to write a narrative essay, a persuasive paper or a compare and contrast essay, it is integral that you to avoid certain problems. Academic writers present a list of ten most common writing problems every student has to avoid.

1. Unable to write a thesis statement

One of the core problems students have with writing is that they are not able to write a clear, understandable and strong thesis statement. You may come across a similar problem while writing the essay. However, if you do some practice and check ideas of thesis statements on the web, then it will be easy for you to come up with a well-defined and quality thesis statement.

2. Lack of evidence

If you are having a hard time writing an essay, then you should write enough examples to support your arguments. Another major mistake students make is that they do not provide enough proof or evidence to clarify their viewpoints. For instance, if your essay is about childhood obesity, you should provide evidence of where this problem is more common. You should also know what types of measures should be taken in this regard.

3. Writing an introduction using confusing words or language

When you begin writing the introduction, you should be careful with what you are going to cover. For instance, if the paper is on childhood obesity, then you may begin the essay by defining obesity and talk a little about its history. Then you can come to the point of what you are going to cover in your own paper and what is its significance or value for the reader, followed by writing the thesis statement in the last sentence of your essay.

4. Unawareness of the target audience

Who is your target audience? You may have plenty of problems in writing if you are not familiar with whom you are going to write an essay for. Let’s take the same example of childhood obesity. Such a paper will obviously be written for parents whose children are obese, and they want quick and reliable solutions to the problem. If you are unsure of your target audience, then it will be quite tough for you to maintain quality throughout the essay.

5. Lack of relevant references

If your essay contains no reference, then your teacher may doubt the legitimacy and relevance of its data, and this can cause problems with writing the next paper. Ideally, you should write a sufficient number of references and cite the parts of your essay, wherever needed. However, if you are writing a paper creatively, meaning you are using your own words and ideas, then there is no use of mentioning references and citation.

6. Unclear or weak analysis

What type of ideas do you want to present in your paper? Students often have plenty of problems in academic writing as they do not provide solid analysis and the overall text is unclear to the reader. You should analyze the given object or subject properly and critically evaluate it to ensure the quality and consistency of the text.

7. Awkward structure

The most common writing issues are the poor structure of sentences and unclear writing. It is integral for you to structure the essay and make it readable and understandable. You should ensure that every sentence you write in the essay is related to the actual topic and is meaningful for the target audience.

8. Excessive use of commas

Are you using multiple commas in a single sentence? It is indeed one of the major writing problems students remain unaware of. The quality of your essay does not only depend on how the content is written and structured, but also on how you have used full stops and commas.

9. Forgetting the conclusion

Writing the conclusion in the paper is as important as writing the introduction. Basically, your essay should consist of three main parts: the introduction, the body section, and the conclusion. The conclusion is often missed or ignored by students, and it can lead them to leave a bad impression on the professor.

10. Fear of failure

Are you worried about a failing mark? You should always remember that success and failure go side by side and that success is not possible in each and everything. So you should just sit and relax and concentrate on what you are writing. There is no need to get depressed or take any tension since this will never get you prominent results. Instead, you may experience psychological problems and may fail the essay.

With these things in mind, you can enjoy writing your essay and will never feel stressed or depressed. Reread it, edit and format it before submitting it to the teacher.


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