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10 Cool Home Improvement Gifts in 2020


Searching for a perfect gift may take up your whole time. Wandering from one shop to another, waiting for the ideal gift to simply fall off the shelf for you, but not anymore!

In this article, you’ll find a selection of top 10 cool home improvement gifts that not only will improve the house decor of your dear ones but also, are very useful.

Let’s face it. Technology makes our life easier. The global market of smart home appliances reached over $55 billion.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation 

Faith Based Events

A perfect match for someone who needs a helping hand!

https://images.pexels.com/photos/4790274/pexels-photo-4790274.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&dpr=2&h=650&w=940The Amazon Echo Dot will help you in doing quick tasks, setting up alarms, adjusting brightness on your display, making a quick call, and much more. A helpful companion that will do the work for you without getting tired.

It has a compatible size and can easily fit on your study table, bedroom nightstand, or wherever you like. Gift Echo Dot to your dear ones to make their life more comfortable and smooth!

Burning Candle 

The next gift we’ve on our list is -beautiful burning candles.

https://images.pexels.com/photos/1832562/pexels-photo-1832562.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&dpr=2&h=650&w=940These charming candles will definitely set the mood of your house and can be used for a long period and are 100% reusable. The candle comes with its own fragrance that will light up your mood.

They’re sure something that will match the vintage of your room, no matter what the color of your room is like. Sometimes they also come with extra wax, so you don’t have to worry about running out of wax.

Check out these beauties that come in different colors, sizes, patterns, and much more and gift them to your friend and family or even buy one for yourself!

Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo

https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/wooden-shelves-hanging-ropes-with-plants-pots_7773505.htm#page=1&query=hanging%20shelves&position=0Sometimes finding a suitable gift can be a pain in the ass! But this will take your pain away! No matter what the occasion is, no one can say no to these beautiful shelves that can be hung anywhere.

The simple and classic looks of Shelf Duo will win over the heart of your friend. It comes with a handy storage space where they can easily place their book, plant, their showpiece, or anything they like.

This beautiful gift is a handmade piece that is available for you online. Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or your own office room, this beauty will match all your wall color and design.

You can also rearrange them the way you like since the installation is pretty easy,

Wall Art 

https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/women-elegant-line-art-style-concept_9730186.htm#page=1&query=art&position=15Is your friend an art lover? Do they love painting and sketches? If yes, then this wall art item is a perfect match for them!

These wall art are beautifully designed handmade pieces of art that you can gift to the people you love. You can hang this wall art anywhere you like, your bedroom, kitchen, or dining room.

The image above is a beautifully made wall art named “How to roll up your sadness” made beautifully in a 17*24 size poster.  You can order your own preferred size and color on Etsy. Also, don’t forget to frame the wall art of safety measures.

Check out more wall decor on Etsy at affordable prices here!

Fairies in a Jar!

https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/crystal-jar-with-lights-with-gift-it-while-it-snows_993913.htm#page=1&query=fairy%20jar&position=35Yes, you can now even buy fairies in jars that glow in the dark! These sparkling fairies are now available at Etsy at $21.99. The Fairy lantern can also work as a nightlight outdoor light, as a bridal centerpiece or perfect art piece for a child’s room.

Each jar contains a detailed fairy filled with sparkle and light. The set comes with 8 different scenes including nature fairy, frolicking fairy, creative fairy, caring fairy, and many more.

How will you light up the fairies?

Each jar comes with battery candles so you don’t have to worry about real flames and fire. Make sure to charge the battery of the jar at regular intervals and that’s it! The jars are made with detailed editing and hard work, as it’s a handmade piece of work, you can add more sparkle to it as you like. If you want any flower addition in the jars, just leave a quick message to the owner and they will create the perfect jar for you!

Go Virtual Reality Headset 

https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/man-with-glasses-virtual-reality-future-technology-concept_9669169.htmGo wild with these brand new reality headsets! One of a kind headsets that will take your reality to a different dimension. For movies, films, games, and many more activities, just hope in these headsets to enjoy the virtual world like never before. With 360 degree tours to one of the most beautiful scenes all around the globe right at your home, what else do you need? For those who love playing games, these headsets will take them to another level and they will surely love you for that!

A Custom Cartoon Portrait!

If you’re wondering if you should go with something that matches the aesthetic of their room, then this is the right gift choice for you!

A personalized cartoon portrait for your dear ones! Amazing, isn’t it?

How can you order? 

Purchase the listing by following this link, and send your photos via esty to the artist. In case of any changes or editing, just leave a quick message to the artist (they’re way too kind), and within the mentioned days you will receive your digital file in your inbox.

You won’t receive any physical material. 

Final Step; Make sure to frame your poster/wall art. Print the digital art in any size you want and make sure to frame it afterward and hang it in your room, wherever you like!

Laser measure

https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/electrician-using-infrared-laser-level-install-electrical-outlets_6759577.htmIf you’re tired of dragging your measuring tape across the room for a close enough measurement then this is the perfect choice for you.

The Laser measure tool is a measuring tool that will give you accurate answers every time you’ll use it. The use of a laser measure is pretty easy and you can find relevant videos on youtube that’ll help you with it.

The perfect measuring tool offers area and volume measurement in inches, feet, and meters and is accurate within ±1/16″. This toll comes with a holding bag and is available at a cheap price on Amazon!

Floating Shelves 

https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/3d-rendering-dubble-floating-wood-shelf-wall_6154756.htm#page=1&query=floating%20shelf&position=35For any occasion, the set of three floating shelves is a practical gift if you can’t think of anything else. Made of wood and black metal brackets, these classic looking shelves are sturdy and come with an easy installation guide. With a weight of 2.1 lbs, you can now use your photos, accessories, cosmetics without worrying about damage. You can also use them for extending your plant collection on your walls.

The assembly parts come with the shelves and delivery is super quick. You can install them in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and even in the kitchen for putting extra material in it.

Robot Vacuum

https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/set-robotic-vacuum-cleaners_7439540.htm#page=1&query=robot%20vacuum&position=10Give your dear ones a sense of comfort and relax by giving them a robotic vacuum that will clean their house for them.

Controlling and managing the robotic device is pretty easy, you can easily control it via your smartphone. The vacuum has the ability to learn its own route and how to maneuver around household furniture with ease.

Robotic Vacuum can easily be managed with the help of Alexa. The battery runs for up to 90 minutes and then you have to charge it according to