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10 Best Dog Breeds of 2021


If you’re trying to pick out the best dog to bring home to your family, here are ten of the best dog breeds in 2021. However, pretty much all dog breeds are great, and you’ll be happy with whatever dog you bring home.

How good a dog is relying a lot on how you train them if you get them from a young age, so keep that in mind when you pick out a new family pet.

1. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers will always make the top of the best breeds list. They’re the ultimate dog, great for families, low grooming needs, and they have so much love to give. There are also many varieties, including yellow Labs, chocolate Labs, and black Labs!

They’re incredibly kind and gentle dogs that will make a great addition to your family.

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2. German Shepherds

A German Shepherd is a great dog to add to your family if you’re looking for an incredibly loyal and intelligent dog. It may take them a little while to warm up, and they may be a bit destructive before they’re trained, but after training, they’re perfect.

Shepherds are intelligent and have great instincts, so they’ll be great at learning new tricks and following directions.

3. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers, like Labradors, are great family dogs. They’re gentle, sweet, and caring. They’re known for being loyal, patient, and eager to please.

They require lots of love, good grooming, and basic obedience training.

4. French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have been rising in popularity recently. They’re incredibly low energy and can adapt well to any space, including a small apartment. They’re a great dog to have if you’re adopting by yourself, and they don’t mind being the only pet in the home.

They’re so popular because of their adorable faces and ears, as well as their chill, affectionate, and loyal temperament.

5. Bulldogs

Bulldogs are known for their wrinkly bodies and incredibly smushy faces. However, they’re also great companions. They are very gentle, and they also make for great cuddle buddies.

However, they do experience breathing problems because of their short nasal passages, so if you adopt a bulldog, you must be prepared to take care of those potential issues as they arise.

6. Rottweilers

Rottweilers are known for being powerful, protective, and loyal dogs with an instinct for guarding. However, while Rottweilers often get a bad rep for being aggressive, they can be incredibly sweet and compassionate dogs with the proper training.

If you’re looking to adopt a Rottweiler, make sure you’re ready to provide it with the training it needs to be a great, non-aggressive dog.

7. Beagles

Beagles are, and always will be, the perfect family dog. They’re kind, loyal, and incredibly gentle with a playful temperament. Not only that, but they’re easy to train, and they have a short coat which means you don’t have to spend too much time grooming them.

8. Corgis

Corgis are adorable; with their long noses and short legs, you won’t regret getting one of these munchkins. Corgis love people, so they’ll always be looking for attention. They also love exercise and can be easily trained!

If you’re looking for a quiet dog, you might want to look elsewhere, as Corgis can be big talkers!

9. Australian Shepherd

If you’re looking for a loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and easy-to-train animal, the Australian Shepherd is the pup for you. They can adapt to many different spaces, including small apartments.

They require a lot of exercise, so make sure you can take them out frequently.

10. Boxer

Boxers may be “mean” looking, but they’re great. They’re the best breed for active families and individuals, as they require plenty of exercise. They also make for excellent guard dogs and great show dogs.

On top of that, they’re incredibly loyal, loving, and cuddly.

Which One is Right for Me?

Deciding which breed of dog is best for you can be challenging, as there are so many good ones to choose from. The best way to pick out a dog is to interact with them in person. You’ll be able to feel the connection. You should pick the dog that best connects you and your family.