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? 7 Best Home Activities When The WiFi is Down


If there’s anything that the coronavirus has taught us, it’s that there are plenty of things that we can do at home. You may have been one of those people venturing into your kitchen to cook and bake, learn a new skill, or just binge-watch everything on Netflix.

The Internet is useful. It helps us learn a lot of things, get plenty of things done, and connect us with people – the list is endless.

But then, what happens when you’re stuck at home and the Wi-Fi is down? We all know what that feels like, but fret not, there are actually many non-Internet things you can do while waiting for your connection to be restored. Here are a bunch of cool ideas and activities you can do with your family and kids or even just on your own.

  • Play spelling bee

As boring as it may sound, if you have kids and you have a treat waiting at the end for who can spell the most things, it can just turn out to be a fun and exciting activity for you and the entire family. Keep the game going on as long as you can with your kids. Not only will they be entertained, but they’ll also learn new words, extend their vocabulary, and brush up on their spelling.

  • DIY project

A DIY project which you can do as a family is rewarding and enriching. If you’ve been neglecting a DIY project all this while, this is the time to do it. Get out your art supplies, rags, paints, and what-not and get working. If you have kids, you can get them to help with the painting or any kid-friendly element that’s safe yet fun. Crafting a DIY project will keep you and your family busy, not to mention you’ll now have a piece of new furniture or decor in your home.

  • Movie night

You can create a movie night with your family with homemade popcorn, soda, and movies. If you already have movies in an old external drive, take it out and burn some movies to a DVD using a disk writing software. With this method, you can burn loads of DVDs at a fraction of the time and watch movies all night with your family. Of course, this is better done when you have Internet access, so you can prepare ahead of time in the event you experience Internet problems again.

  • House Plants

You may have thought about keeping house plants or just creating a space for a garden. Without the Internet, now, you won’t be tempted to keep checking your phone or computer, surf the web, or stream movies, freeing up a lot of time to do something else! This is another activity that the entire family can do. Not only does it help in family bonding, but it’s also fun to get your hands dirty.

  • Play board games

Board games are actually a huge relief for both your eyes, body posture, and fingers. Give your fingers a rest from scrolling and tapping, and instead, spend the no-Internet time with your friends or family by playing board games. They are mentally stimulating as it requires you to solve problems. Open up that Monopoly or Pictionary board game and exercise the parts of your brain that are turned off when you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media.

  • Read a book

Honestly, with all that’s happening in the world, we get so caught up in the rabbit hole of the Internet that we never give our mind a break. When there’s no Internet, pick up a book and start reading. It’s a great way to increase your vocabulary, learn new things, and become more acquainted with authors. It’s also an ideal way to give your brain a digital break. Books are void of hyperlinks which allows the ready to fully immerse themselves in the story, as opposed to making them make decisions on ‘to click the link or not to click the link.’

  • Arrange your CDs and DVDs

Assuming you still have a large collection of DVDs and CDs, this is a great time to look into your collection and do some spring cleaning. You can arrange your collection in alphabetical order. You can discard DVDs and CDs that are no longer readable, and you can even start an impromptu movie marathon of old movies you watched a long time ago.