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World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips (Video)

Salty snacks and beer go together like salty snacks and beer. It’s practically a law of nature. But just like you wouldn’t pair just any craft brew with a fine steak, so too should you not allow your Lays to ruin your favorite pale ale. St. Erik’s brewery in Sweden has removed any guesswork as to which chips you should munched on with their signature suds. Their recently launched (and sold out) chips are said to fully complement their beer, but don’t expect a bowl or bagful. A box of 5 individual chips will set you back $56.

The high price tag is due to the rare Nordic ingredients packed into each handmade chip, which were created by chef Pi Le. Those rarities include matsutake mushrooms, truffle seaweed, India Pale Ale wort, as well as dill, onion and Ammärnas-region almond potatoes which are only grown on a certain hillside in certain dirt and… well, you get the idea. Only 100 boxes of “the world’s most exclusive chip” were made and they sold out quickly. If these salty snacks are as good as they’re price purports, game day is going to break the bank. To borrow a famous chip slogan, you can’t eat just five. No word if another run is in the works, but the exceedingly wealthy and frivolous among us can hope!

St. Erik’s website says that all the proceeds “will be donated to charity.”

Video from YouTube.com/GeoBeats News

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