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Winter Celebrations: Enjoying A Birthday When It’s Cold Outside


If your child’s birthday falls during the chillier seasons, this may affect the ways that you celebrate with them. While you may not be able to go to the beach or spend a lot of time outdoors, that doesn’t mean you need to remain at home.

Likewise, there may also be a number of ways that you can show your child just how much you love them without allowing the duller weather to get in your way.

Choosing fun gifts

Regardless of the time of year, many children may enjoy opening gifts and playing with their toys. You may be able to get some amazing toys for a 3 year old girl that are suitable for use inside the home.

That being said, you may also want to think about outdoor toys as, if you wrap up warm, they may still be used even if it isn’t overly sunny out. Keeping their current interests in mind could be a good idea so that they really love what they see when the paper has been pulled away.

However, at the same time, you may also want to consider some of the upcoming trends for toys and games. This can help you to remain ahead of the game, and prevent those toys from finding a home at the back of the cupboard in only a few mere weeks.

Rather than trying to avoid the idea of the cold, you may want to use it to your advantage. This could help you to create a theme for the day. One good idea could be to take your children, and their friends, out to an ice skating rink.

For the ice to remain solid, it needs to be cold. Therefore, this could help your child to appreciate their winter birthday a little bit more. If this is something you haven’t done as a family before, you may want to think about looking into the basics of ice skating. This could help you and your children to feel a little more confident before stepping onto the ice. Should your child’s birthday be close to Christmas, you may find that pop-up ice skating rinks have also emerged, which you could make the most of.

Warm yourselves up

You may want to find ways to help your child to spend some time outside on their birthday, especially if they love being out of the home. If you wrap up in coats, hats, and gloves, you may still be able to have a barbecue in your backyard.

As it gets darker earlier, you may also want to think about things that can be done in the dark. Using a firepit, you may be able to keep warm and toast marshmallows and other delicious snacks. This can also be a great way of celebrating without relying on technology.