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Will You Pay $400 For A Hair Dryer? Dyson Hopes So (Video)

Dyson Hair Dryer

Having already re-engineered vacuum cleaners and fans from the ground up, Dyson has now applied its expertise at moving air to an appliance you probably use every day, and despise doing so. The Dyson Supersonic wants to replace the hair dryer in your bathroom with a lighter, safer, and quieter alternative.

The starting point for the redesign, and the biggest improvement Dyson has made to hair dryers, is with the size of their motors. The monster on the left, which is what you’ll find in most high-end hair dryers, has been replaced with the company’s new V9 digital motor pictured on the right, which is about as large as a D-sized battery.

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As for pricing? That’s where the Dyson Supersonic might be less appealing for some. The company’s products have always come with steep price tags, and the $400 Supersonic—available come September in the US—is no different. That being said, if over the years you’ve had a few nasty run-ins with hair dryers leaving you with battle scars and burn marks, you might already have your credit card at the ready