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Will Driving School Lower Your Insurance Rate?

If you own or are looking to buy a car, you should be looking at car insurance. With the world making you pay a myriad of bills each month, prioritizing your car insurance is exhausting. Odds are, you’ve looked for low rates that’ll save you the most amount of money. You’ve checked out quite a few policies and ways to receive discounts on your premium. You’ve even wondered: will driving school lower my insurance rate? The short answer is yes, it will.

Here’s how and why.

Perks of Driving School

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Driving school, also known as defensive driving courses, isn’t the most popular way you want to spend your time. However, the benefits of enrolling in traffic school are plentiful. Some insurance companies may offer incentives to drivers to take a defensive driving course by offering a lower premium once the course is completed.

When you go to driving school, insurance companies trust that you understand the state’s laws and that you’ll drive accordingly to them. Not only this, but they trust you’ll drive defensively rather than offensively—deeming you a safe driver on the road. The safer you are to them, the less likely you’ll cost them money. In turn, they offer you lower rates.

So, ask the insurance company you’re looking at how much of a discount they offer from driving school. It depends on the state and the policy, but usually it’s about three to five percent.

Attending After a Ticket

Some people choose to go to driving school on their own accord. In addition to wanting a lower rate, they genuinely just want to learn the rules of the road better. You may be able to get a discount this way, but it’s also possible to receive a discount if you attend traffic school after receiving a ticket.

However, this isn’t always the case. It depends on your state. For instance, Arizona offers a great traffic safety course program after receiving a minor traffic violation. Michigan doesn’t.

This is how the traffic ticket discount works:

  1. Check with the Motor Vehicle Division near where you received the ticket to see if they offer courses in order to avoid penalties.
  1. Meet all state department requirements to take the course. Typically, if you’ve already taken the course, you can’t take it again after violating a traffic law. Additionally, there can’t have been a death involved in the accident, and you can’t have a commercial driver’s license.
  1. Complete the approved course in time.
  1. Once you complete the course, as long as it’s accepted by the state, points and fees might be waived.
  1. If all points are waived, your car insurance premium won’t go up. They might give you a discount. Even if they don’t, though, it’ll save you money by avoiding a surcharge on your insurance.

Not all insurance companies are created equally, though. For instance, if you’re looking at auto insurance in California, it’s useful to know that the state requires you to have a minimum liability coverage of $15,000/$30,000 for bodily injury. So, when you’re looking at policies, make sure you fully research your given state’s requirements, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

If you’re stressed out, look no further. Enroll in your driving school right now to receive a myriad of benefits on your auto insurance. Just remember to look into your specific state requirements and policies to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

In the end, it pays to learn the rules of the road.

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