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Why You Should Buy Your Turkey Right Now


While everyone else is frantically searching through the cavernous cases of frozen turkey two days before Thanksgiving, you can be resting comfortably at home, hot toddy in hand.

Indeed, there’s no need to twist yourself into a turkey conundrum this year. Purchase your Thanksgiving Day main course today, and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle, stress, money, and several frantic dashes around town to find a suitable centerpiece.

Frozen turkeys can be purchased weeks, even months in advance. A savvy shopper might take advantage of post-holiday sales on leftover turkeys. (Note to self for this year.) If stored properly throughout the year, a frozen turkey is suitable for next year’s Thanksgiving or holiday meals.

Right now, many grocery stores may be offering discounted prices to entice customers to buy early. However, you can expect to pay full price starting next week and certainly the week of Thanksgiving.

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Check circulars for coupons or discount cards, too. Some stores offer discount cards on turkeys or dollars-off deals for your entire grocery shopping trip (e.g. save $10 on totals over $75).

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