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Why You Need An Aquarium Thermometer


When you set up an aquarium it is easy to forget that you need a thermometer.

Whether it’s an analog or digital thermometer you want the one that is going to be most accurate and which will work best for your specific aquarium set up.

Why you need a thermometer

Accurate aquarium thermometers are essential so that you can check the temperature of your tank at least once every day. This check means that when you feed your fish or change the water you can catch any temperature problems early on. You can buy aquarium thermometers here.

Having a reliable thermometer can prevent disasters in your tank. The three main reasons why you always want to make a working accurate thermometer are:

  1. Your fish and invertebrates require stable water temperatures. It is important to sustain homeostasis. Stable water temperatures also make the difference between healthy tanks and aquariums that crash overnight.

Water temperature fluctuations stress an aquarium’s inhabitants. This makes your fish more vulnerable to diseases like fin rot. If temperature changes are not addressed quickly enough they can kill off anything you have living in your tank. Daily checks of the water temperature with the thermometer enable you to spot inconsistencies. Coupled with a quality heater you can prevent temperature fluctuations in your tank before they happen.

While it may seem attractive to choose the cheapest option when picking your aquarium heater, it’s common for heaters to break. This too often leads to people losing all their fish. When you perform any water change, it’s vital to match the temperatures between the new water and the water it’s replacing. This is where a thermometer is needed to ensure the temperatures match.

  1. Broken heaters and other similar problems are dangerous. Having a good accurate heater and being able to ensure you are matching new water temperature with the old is often enough to maintain a stable temperature, unexpected incidents are a constant possibility. Water that rapidly becomes either very hot or very cold can kill your fish. But when you have a good, working thermometer that you can check regularly you can catch any temperature fluctuations early on.

When the temperature suddenly changes, immediately check your heater. It might have stopped working. If it has malfunctioned, the temperature may become dangerously cold or hot.

It’s advisable to carry out regular maintenance on your heater. This means removing it and checking it every six months or so.

  1. Malfunctioning thermometers are unhelpful, to say the least. Even when you already possess an aquarium thermometer for your tank it is a good idea to have a second one available so you can check whether the first one is still accurate!

It is an all-too-common experience in the fish keeping world when an old thermometer gives an inaccurate water temperature reading. This is not ideal because you need to be able to rely on having stable water temperature every day to guarantee the success of your tank.