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Why Electric Fireplaces Are Perfect for Florida Homeowners

When you think about Florida, images of sunshine, beaches, and outdoor fun most likely abound. However, Florida does experience its share of colder days. In fact, January can get downright cold with temperatures reaching as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the state.

As a result, many Florida homes include a fireplace within their design. However, if your Florida home did not come with a fireplace, you can easily enjoy the warmth and beauty that a real fireplace provides by simply purchasing an electric fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces Are Efficient

Although winters are milder and do not last as long compared to those in the more northern states, relying on your home’s heating system when the temperature decides to drop might not be the most energy-efficient way to stay warm.

For those times when a cold front unexpectedly moves in, an electric fireplace can be a great way to heat up a room without adding to your electric bill as an electric fireplace uses very little electricity to provide the heat you need to stay warm. Additionally, unlike a traditional fireplace, the heat does not go right up the chimney, allowing you to benefit from a higher percentage of heat from your fireplace.

They Are Practically Maintenance-Free

Real fireplaces bring with them quite a bit of upkeep and repeated costs. For instance, burning wood results in ashes that you must clean out of the fireplace on a regular basis. Additionally, all of the smoke and ash that travels up the chimney inevitably leads to a buildup of soot along the inside of the flue. To maintain your fireplace and ensure that it remains in safe working order, you will need to hire a professional to clean the chimney on a regular basis.

However, an electric fireplace does not require this type of maintenance as it will not burn wood, leaving ash and soot behind.

They Don’t Emit Fumes

Traditional fireplaces bring with them the potential for hazardous fumes to enter your home. For instance, using a gas fireplace runs the risk of experiencing a gas leak while burning wood in a fireplace can lead to smoke spilling into your home.

Conversely, an electric fireplace provides the look and feel of a real fireplace without the worry of potentially dangerous fumes or smoke invading your home. You can simply plug in the fireplace and immediately enjoy the realistic flames that emanate from intricately sculpted logs.

They Add A Sense of Style

Basically, traditional fireplaces do not vary much in design from one another. Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles. As such, an electric fireplace is a great choice for anyone living in Florida. You can also choose one that includes accessories, such as extra storage or a traditional mantel. Tim Arnold put together a great collection of the different styles available.

They Are Safe To Use

Traditional fireplaces can pose a variety of safety concerns. For instance, fireplaces can be extremely hot to the touch, or sparks can leap beyond the hearth, burning your floor and anyone who happens to be sitting close by.

Electric fireplaces eliminate these worries as they remain cool to the touch, do not rely on actual fire to warm the room, and do not require a raised hearth. For extra safety, many come with an automatic shut-off feature, so you never have to worry if your electric fireplace is on while you are not at home.