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Wheat Thins Are Now Thinner

Wheat Thins

By Bob Fekete, iDigital Times, SouthFloridaReporter.com, Dec. 28, 2015 – In a shocking move, Nabisco has released a new product based on their popular Wheat Thins line of snacks. Now made thinner than ever before, the Even Thinner Wheat Thins snacks have taken what we all love about Wheat Thins, and basically sliced it in half. The result is a snack that is almost indistinguishable from the original.

When the box of Even Thinner Wheat Thins Limited Edition showed up in the office, I was skeptical. This box was incredibly sturdy, like something you expect a high-end tech gadget to come in. Once the initial box had been unsheathed, I found myself staring down at a deep, deep blue box and an information sheet. This box-within-a-box contained the new snack, which is set to hit store shelves as early as today.

I grabbed the information sheet first, naturally curious about what I would soon consume. Continuing with the high-tech motif, this information sheet waxes poetic about how with each passing year, new gadgets keep coming out thinner and thinner than the ones previous. Taking this concept, Nabisco has slimmed down their already skinny snacks, because why not.

The Even Thinner Wheat Thins Limited Edition snacks are still made with all the same ingredients as their 100% whole wheat, thicker counterparts. Even the nutritional facts are almost identical when put side by side. The biggest difference is that a standard Wheat Thins box mentions a serving size of 16 crackers while the Even Thinner Wheat Thins Limited Edition packs 22 crackers into a serving.

As for the taste, it’s exactly like what you’re expecting. I suppose the Even Thinner Wheat Thins Limited Edition could be argued to be crunchier than the regular Wheat Thins, but seeing as how regular Wheat Thins are pretty crunchy to begin with, it’s a hard comparison to make. I was taken aback by how little a difference there is between the two types of crackers.

Even Thinner Wheat Thins are available for a limited time only. The suggested retail price is $3.69, and boxes should become available starting today. Make sure you phone your local grocer before making a trip down to the supermarket, just to be sure.

So what do you think? Will you be rushing out to your local store to get your own box of Even Thinner Wheat Thins Limited Edition? Are you happy just sticking to regular Wheat Thins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.