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What’s Todays Forecast On Weatherpersons Day?

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Quick! Look out your window, what is the weather like? Go on! Go look. Is it doing what your weatherpersons told you before you left the house this morning? I hope you had positive results in our little quiz! Most city’s television stations have not just one weatherperson like in the past, but highly trained meteorologist’s that form a weather team. Their accuracy has become a thing of pride and highly competitive with the others in town.

History of Weatherpersons Day
Weatherpersons Day helps to honor those who work in the field of meteorology from the storm spotters to the people you see on camera. Did you know that the history of measuring weather in the United States of America goes back to 1774? John Jefferies is one of the first to make weather observations and record them. He did this every day and helped to make it something of importance. Jefferies was also the first to fly in a balloon over the city of London. This flight had the purpose of collecting scientific data of the weather at higher altitudes. This was valuable information for scientific study in the field of meteorology. There are many throughout the years who have made a mark on the field, but Jefferies was the first in this long line.

How to Celebrate Weatherpersons Day
Don’t think that celebrating Weatherpersons Day needs to be an event filled with dry scientific orations, it can be filled with exciting discoveries by young and old alike. Start with the basics and pack up the kids and head over to your local science museum. There are sure to be many exhibits to help explain the weather on our planet. Some may even give local explanations and examples. Don’t want to head out with the family? Hit up Netflix or your favorite streaming service and take some time to watch shows about storms and those who chase them. You can find weather related movies or if you do want to learn more, try the documentaries. There are sure to be many weather-related options.Feeling adventurous? You could contact any of the storm chasing groups and try it out for yourself. Make sure to head all the safety training and advise that they may give you. Chasing storms can be dangerous and have been known to take lives.

Caution and information must go hand in hand to make the experience one of a lifetime, in a positive way. Is your child a budding meteorologist? Contact your local television station and see if the weather team there can help you make a huge impression on your child. They may have time to offer a tour of the station or even a shot at the green screen! They may just take that childhood phase and turn it into a future career! Whatever you choose to do when you celebrate Weatherpersons Day, be sure that you watch the day’s forecast and look out your window. You don’t want to be unprepared for the weather!