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What’s the Best Toilet for the Elderly and Seniors?


In case you are in need of a comfortable and affordable toilet set for a senior person, your research may get a little complicated. Even though there are numerous products designed for people who require handier amenities, it’s hard to realize which one is the best.

Yes, there is a drastic difference between the two. While both categories include a variety of outstanding models, each of them is designed to suit specific needs. This way, a toilet for the elderly is created to facilitate the use and soften most of the difficulties a regular-toilet user may face.

Ranging in sizes, material, mobility, and extra features, senior comforts are to be used by 70+ people who find it difficult to use a regular one. 

How to Find the Best Toilet for the Elderly and Seniors?


On the whole, a toilet for the older is somewhat higher, which is why some models are called ‘high toilets’. The height may vary, but it is usually in the range between 17 and 20 inches to provide the comfort of sitting and easy ascent. It’s a crucial criterion when choosing a toilet because it often causes much discomfort if the height is not sufficient.


The shape and size of the bowl are also important because they influence the comfort of sitting. Senior toilets are a little longer than those for regular users to provide a safe and nice sitting position. Mind that the bowl should be round-shaped as the opposite of the oval or triangle bowls. 


Many people believe that the design of a toilet is superfluous as long as the utility works. However, such an assumption deprives consumers of an array of useful features offered by reliable brands, like Kohler toilets. Some designs include railings on the sides, which, in time, may come in handy. 

Also, the rare sitting side is sometimes equipped with a pad or additional bulkiness to provide support while sitting. So regardless of what you find useful, it’s always better to think ahead and secure the best.


As for flushing systems, here, your options are almost inexhaustible. Because various models come with their own flush mechanisms, you can choose one which you think is the most appropriate. However, you should search for a toilet with a gravity flush, dual flush guide, or pressure-assisted flushing.

  • The gravity flush technology is classic and utilizes water to send the flow from the tank all the way through the bowl. It works almost silently and is very low-maintenance. 
  • Besides, pressure-assisted mechanisms send a lot of air along with the water to maintain the bowl. The air works well, preventing clogging and reducing water use.
  • Finally, dual flushing is activated either in the full or partial mode. The latter spares water and causes little noise when flushing.

All in all, your options are vast. While choosing seems a little complicated at first, it becomes easier once you determine what product you’re looking for. And remember to think of it as of an investment, not an expense.


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