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What Your Employees Want in an Office Space

A prospective employee is looking at more than the job description before accepting a job. Chances are, he or she is also considering the office environment as part of the decision.

How the office is set up and the atmosphere within, it all plays a role in the energy, morale and productivity from the employees. Without a functioning workspace, it may be hard to attract the high-quality talent needed to run a business.

Whether you are looking for a Miami office space or updating your current place, here is a list of some of the top features employees hope to see in the workplace.


One of the essential features of an office is the functionality. It will be hard for employees to get any work done. Have a desk that is functional, along with an ergonomic chair is not only beneficial for the employee to be more efficient, but it is also better for their health.


Getting work done in harsh lighting can be difficult. How comfortable the workplace environment is should be of top priority to keep employees happy at work. Having natural lighting will help to help boost happiness and productivity.

A comfortable work environment is more than just the surroundings and the type of lighting. Comfort in the workplace also should include other workers. A hostile environment will not attract the employees you would want, nor will it keep them around in the first place. A friendly, welcoming and positive environment are critical for maintaining employees around.


Many employees want to have a bit of privacy throughout the day. Whether it be a chance to go to the bathroom without shared stalls, having a private office, or cubicle-like desks, giving everyone a chance to have their privacy is important to staff members.

Refreshment Areas

A survey conducted to see what employees want in their office found that 85 percent wanted some sort of a refreshment facility. Having access to coffee, tea, and other pick-me-up beverages are a vital component of the ideal workplace. Since there is a variety of options available to provide caffeinated drinks to employees, it shouldn’t be difficult to include this request in the office.

Cleanliness of the Office

Something that is relatively important to not just potential recruits but for the health of all the staff is the cleanliness of the office. Employees are in the building typically for eight hours a day, five days a week. That is a lot of time spent in one area.

Imagine the office doesn’t get cleaned and is covered with dirt and bacteria every day. Employees are around the bacteria and are likely to take it home to their family without even noticing. General cleanliness of the workplace is vital to keep the staff healthy. You’ll want to ensure the office has a daily cleaning check-list that covers the whole office.

Keep your employees happy and attract new ones to come work for your organization by having an appealing office space. Without having amenities and features to make the place more enticing, you may notice a lack of applications and potentially losing current staff members.