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What Would You Name A Uranus Probe? The Internet’s Answers Are About What You’d Think

(Image credit: NASA/JPL)

From Shakespeare to “Se7en,” these ideas run the gamut. Earhart, Tempest or MUSE?

Fans of planet Uranus have many ideas to name the next mission there, if an informal Internet poll is any indication.

ExploreIGO, a Twitter fan account devoted to icy worlds, asked its community yesterday what to call a spacecraft visiting the big blue world.

“We want to know, what would YOU name the #Uranus Orbiter & Probe Mission?” the account asked(opens in new tab), generating tens of thousands of likes, retweets and comments. That name the account references is an early stage proposal for NASA to finally revisit the planet that hasn’t seen an up-close view since Voyager 2 swung by in 1986.
Embedded with the tweet is a cover based on a 2021 proposal by three scientists led by Amy Simon, a planetary scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The group told the U.S. decadal survey of planetary science that a spacecraft to Uranus is a “journey whose time has come.”

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