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What to Recycle and What to Throw Away

With the tons of trash that people all over the world produce every single day, we must take measures to reduce the garbage that we bring to landfills; otherwise, the world will end up as one big mountain of trash in the future.

Recycling and upcycling are two of the things that we can do to reduce the garbage that ends up in landfills and subsequently harms the environment. Many countries have recycling programs for their people, and they educate them that recycling is a must, if we want future generations to enjoy the planet that we are enjoying now. Here is a guide on the trash that you can throw out and that can still be useful.

Cardboard and paper

Pizza boxes, cardboard boxes, old books, bond papers, and old mail fit into this category. To make paper and cardboard, manufacturers cut down trees. In recycling these paper products, there is a reduced need for cutting down trees to make new paper products. With recycled paper, manufacturers no longer need fresh raw materials, which translates to the conservation of natural resources.

Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable; they do not rot. Imagine throwing them in landfills, and after a few thousand years, they are still intact. But if you recycle or upcycle them, they become useful again, either as new household items or new aluminum cans that manufacturers will process again.

Plastic bottles

You can make plant pots out of big plastic bottles, and other useful household items like pen and pencil holders. Your imagination is your limit in coming up with new things made out of plastic bottles. You can even make toys out of them. You can also take them to recycling centers to be picked up by companies that need them to make new plastic products.

Wooden items

Wood lasts a long time under favorable conditions, so if you have boards lying around after a renovation, you can make them into crates or toys, etc. you can use your woodworking skills to create something great from discarded wood.

Metal products

Metal, like aluminum, does not rot. It may be harder to upcycle compared to plastic and paper, but you can still take it to recycling centers for metal manufacturers to use again to make new metal products.

Electronic devices

Old computer hardware, televisions, and other electric appliances are suitable for recycling. Electronics companies may still find a use for them, even if they are no longer working.

Food waste

Even your leftovers and other food waste have other uses. If you have a yard, you can make a compost pit. Food waste rots and disintegrates after a few days, and becomes fertilizer. If you love gardening and have numerous plants in your yard, you can watch them grow healthy, thanks to your natural and organic fertilizer.

Before calling Evergreen Junk Removal to pick up your trash, go through it again and see if you can salvage anything that you can recycle or upcycle.


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