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What Should I Expect During A Home Renovation in Florida?


A home renovation project can dramatically transform the visual appeal of your house, whether it’s renovating the interior or exterior, remodeling can increase the value of a residential property and make it look more modern. But it will get messy before everything gets completed.

As a homeowner, you may have mixed feelings, you know your house will look amazing after the remodel, but you are probably dreading the whole renovation process and the mess that usually comes with these home improvement projects.

According to remodeling contractors in Miami, renovating your home is an investment that will pay off in the long term. For homeowners that want to transform their house into their dream home, starting a renovation project with a professional construction firm is a step in the right direction.

Learning to Adapt

In the midst of all the construction work that is going on during the renovation, your day-to-day activities and usual schedule will be turned upside down in order to accommodate the work that needs to be completed by the remolding company you hired.

Dealing with dust – When there are walls being torn apart, drilling, cutting, and hammering, dust is inevitable and can make you sneeze and cough non-stop. But there are several ways to deal with the dust. You can consult with your contractor to install temporary compression-fit walls to close off areas where construction is taking place, or you can place air filtering systems to collect floating dust.

Loud noises – Loud and annoying noises are expected when it comes to renovating your home. The banging of hammers and mechanized noises from saws are annoying and may hurt your ears, you may find locking yourself in the furthest room away from the construction area possible until the work is finished, which can take days, weeks, or even months depending on the renovation.

Reduced walking space – A construction zone is messy and usually takes up a lot of space to make room for all the equipment, tools, and materials needed for the renovation. It can help to consult with your contractor in ensuring there is ample walking space in and around the house if you need to get something.

Covering Furniture

If you have pieces of expensive furniture and other items you want to protect, it’s best to cover them with durable plastic bags or slipcovers before the renovation so they can be protected when the renovation work is taking place. Not doing so can leave your valuables covered in dust and other construction debris.

New Living Arrangements

Depending on the level of renovation that is being performed on the residential property, remodeling can range from simple to complex. Circumstances may arise where moving to a temporary location may be necessary such as a nearby hotel, a family member’s home, or elsewhere if major renovations are being done and living on the property is no longer convenient for you or your family.

Talking with Your Contractor

It is possible during the renovation process that complications can occur such as going over budget and project delays, that is why it’s important to keep in direct communication with your contractor or the renovation company to discuss these issues.

The worst part of the whole process is probably coming to terms that the renovations may take longer and will be more expensive than originally anticipated and is a common concern homeowners will have.