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What Makes Cars and Motorcycles Popular Modes of Transportation in South Florida?


In South Florida, in cities like Miami, driving cars or riding motorcycles outpaces mass transit, which proves more popular in northern megacities like New York City and Chicago.

Travel in South Florida centers around commuting to and from work and enjoying the local beaches and the Everglades. The latter two locations prove easier to reach with a ton of recreational gear in tow when driving a car or a motorcycle.

The southern tip of Florida offers a lot to do and enjoy, but everything’s spread out. Its largest city, Miami, doesn’t offer a walkable design. Because of the city’s layout, it doesn’t lend itself to bicycling either. You need a motorized vehicle and most South Floridians choose either a motorbike or a car. Let’s consider why these two modes of transportation top the others.

Sporty Cars Fit the Vibe of the Beach

In the U.S., automakers sold 17 million cars and light trucks in 2018. Cars outpaced the trucks in southern Florida though, where sporty vehicles tantalize the population. Perhaps automakers owe a debt of gratitude to the 1980s show, “Miami Vice,” which built a strong connection between the Miami metropolitan area and sports cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Motorcycles Use Less Gas

Motorcycles offer better gas mileage than most cars, with some getting 70 miles to the gallon, and they definitely beat out SUVs and trucks, which typically earn less than 20 miles per gallon. That goes a long way toward explaining the 8,410,255 motorcycles registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2011. In fact, in the U.S., one out of 36 people owns a motorcycle.

The Popularity of Open Air Driving

In South Florida, many people enjoy riding in the open air. That requires a convertible car with the top down or a motorbike. In this coastal environment, people enjoy feeling the sunshine on their faces and the salty breeze in their hair.

Cars and Motorcycles Cost Less to Repair

The cost of living in Miami remains higher than the U.S. cost of living. That makes budgeting more important. Cars and motorcycles cost less to repair than SUVs or trucks. In fact, the U.S. average car repair costs $356.04.

Miami’s many retail stores, including those that specialize in auto parts, offer many aftermarket parts. Purchasing these aftermarket parts can save the consumer quite a bit when they do need to have their vehicle repaired.

You Can Ride a Motorcycle Year-Round

The weather of Florida offers warmth and sunshine all year long. That means a motorcyclist can enjoy riding their bike during all four seasons. For those who love life on two wheels, the southern tip of the U.S. provides the ideal weather for their favorite mode of transportation.

Even better, in Florida, a motorcyclist doesn’t have to purchase cold-weather gear. There’s no piling on layers to ride during December or January. The typical shorts or jeans and a T-shirt work for riding all year. That saves the biker money since winter-riding jumpsuits can cost a pretty penny.

South Florida Loves Its Cars and Motorcycles

Between the superb weather and the many recreational pursuits available, many Florida residents want to spend time outdoors. They drive cars or motorbikes so they can easily transport their gear and themselves to the lake, beach, glades, swamps, or bayous.

These economical choices cost less to repair while offering customization options through aftermarket parts. Cars, especially convertibles, and motorbikes fit the beach vibe and hopping social life of South Florida. These transportation options offer a great return on investment for the consumer and a vehicle designed for commuting and recreation.