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What Luxury Upgrades To Add When Building Your Custom Florida Coastal Home

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What could be more fun and exciting than choosing luxury upgrades for your new coastal home? Whether it be a vacation home or your primary residence, you should consider some of the following, show-stopping upgrades.

With so many decisions ahead of you in the building and design process, you may be feeling overwhelmed. From floor samples to light fixtures and cabinets to toilets, customizing your new home can feel daunting. 

While the process can certainly be a bit stressful, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have some fun with it too. 

And Then There Was Light

Nothing says luxury home like beautiful and purposeful lighting. From creating ambiance to forging functionality, beautiful lighting is a must-have for your custom-built coastal home. Consider uplighting to illuminate the architectural features of your home. Landscape-lighting will highlight the nuances of your home’s natural landscaping, while hardscape-lighting highlights and elevates outdoor living spaces. Interior lighting design is essential to creating luxurious indoor living spaces. However, interior lighting is more than just carefully selecting light fixtures. 

Considering placement and particular areas that you wish to highlight is just as important as the fixture itself. Working with specialists in light design can help you map out luxurious lighting to add to the innate beauty of your home. The importance of lighting in creating a luxurious aesthetic can not be overstated.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

The epitome of home luxury and relaxation is a built-in sauna. If, like us, you enjoy the relaxation and opulence of a sauna, a built-in sauna in the comfort of your home is just the feature you need to customize your coastal home. Saunas can be customized to fit any space and to suit your every design whim. Custom saunas can be built to your specific design ideas, made of the finest materials, positioned in unique places and ways, and be installed indoors or outdoors. 

The best part about having your very own sauna is the ability to decompress in the comfort of your own home at any time of the day without worrying about booking an appointment at your favorite spa. The luxury of a spa experience can be easily built into the fiber of your new custom coastal home. So if you’re looking for luxury upgrades, a sauna might be a great choice.

What’s for Dinner?

If you’re building a custom coastal home, you are likely to spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying those warm sea breezes and majestic views. Alfresco dining is a lovely way to bask in the majesty of the coastal landscape. But a run-of-the-mill grill and some simple patio furniture are not going to cut the mustard.

To fully experience the luxury of outdoor dining, an outdoor kitchen should be in your design plans. An outdoor kitchen can be tailored to fit your space and designed with your every fancy. The focal point of any outdoor kitchen is the grill, so be sure to select wisely. From the grill, you can build out and incorporate a refrigerator, beautiful countertops, a sink, and so on. With electric and plumbing discreetly run to your magnificent outdoor kitchen, you’ll be entertaining in luxury in no time.

Playing With Fire

Nights on the coast can be cool and breezy, so there’s nothing better than cozying up to a radiant custom fire pit. The apex of luxury and outdoor living is a beautiful fire pit as a focal point. Luxury fire features can be customized beyond your wildest dreams. From tabletop features to pits made of magnificent materials and inclusive water features to magnificent stone fire pits, the sky is truly the limit. What’s more, is fire pits can be enjoyed year-round. What better way to enjoy the splendid views of your coastal home than snuggled up beside your luxurious fire pit.

Nightcap, Anyone?

The only better way to enjoy your gorgeous fire feature is with a fine glass of wine straight out of your built-in wine cooler. Not only does a built-in wine cooler add a sleek aesthetic to any space, but it also creates a dedicated space for your finest wines. Whether you dream of a robust cabernet with a steak off the grill or a refreshing roset to cool off with after a long day on the beach, your built-in wine cooler will have your vino acclimated to the perfect temperature. 

Depending on the size of your space, you could incorporate a built-in wine cooler that houses anywhere from 30 to upwards of 100 bottles. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you likely enjoy stocking up on wider varieties of different fine selections. There’s certainly no finer way to store and exhibit your favorite bottles than in a built-in wine cooler.

Netflix and Chill?

The grandeur of a home theatre is a feature you don’t want to skip if your new coastal home has space. Can’t you just imagine the extravagance of watching your favorite movies and television shows on the big screen…right in your own home? Included in your considerations for outfitting your home theatre, you’ll want to research some essential features. A good home theatre requires a dark room, a television or projection screen, surround sound, and a media player. However, a luxury theatre will have more than those basic elements. 

Certainly, decor and furnishings should be focal points in your theatre design. Oversized leather recliners, custom light design, motion technology, and even a professional acoustic analysis are all ways you can achieve an optimal theatrical experience in your very own home.

Be Bold

With the freedom to work with a coastal home builder such as Marco Island Coastal Homes to customize your seaside abode, comes the opportunity to tailor your new living space to your every dream and desire. Ultimate customization is not an option that most homeowners have. You have the unique opportunity to create a living space wrought with luxury and magnificence. Enjoy the design process and don’t be afraid to choose some boldly luxurious design elements that make your coastal home beam.