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What Is Field Service Management?

Field service management (FSM) is a system that helps boost productivity and delivery of any field service team by easier scheduling, delivering, invoicing and billing.

FSM is often used in companies or organizations managing installation, repairs or service of equipment or systems, including scheduling work, delivering work, providing driver safety, managing worker activity, locating vehicles, and coordinating the management of these activities with accounting, billing, inventory, and other systems.

Field Service Management examples

Field service management is used to control resources in various industries, including the health industry, property maintenance, telecommunications, HVAC industry, and others.

In the HVAC industry, for example, technicians can benefit from FSM because they have the expertise and equipment used for investigating units in industrial, residential, and commercial environments.

In healthcare, FSM comes in handy to manage the work of mobile nurses as they provide home care for the disabled and elderly.

Telecommunications and cable industry employ FSM to manage technicians’ work that runs phone lines or install cables into business or residences establishments.

FSM can also be used in property maintenance, such as irrigation, landscaping, office and home cleaning, etc.

In mining, heavy engineering, and manufacturing, FSM helps send technicians for precautionary maintenance or repair.

Do you need FSM?

Field service management helps solve problems in areas such as customer expectations, underused equipment, low employee productivity, safety, and others.

Let’s take a look at a few situations when FSM might be necessary, so you can decide for yourself whether you are in need of such software:

  • Technology and data: ensures all data for analytics is accurate and safe.
  • FSM ensures customer expectations are met: an immediate restoration and no disruption in service.
  • Poor employee productivity: with FSM, managers can track field employees, and help them improve their productivity
  • Underused equipment, in gas, oil, or mining can cost lots of money. FSM can help track the use of all equipment and when it needs repair.
  • Safety: FSM ensures drivers’ and vehicles safety on the job site or on the road.
  • Sales: Helps services department generate revenue.
  • Cost: FSM can help cut the costs of vehicle maintenance and fuel

FSM software solutions

FSM software solutions have notably developed in the last decade. FSM can be set up as a cloud-based or on-premises system. It is most often combined with backend systems, including billing, management, accounting, HR systems, and others.

One such solution is Workiz. Learn about Workiz Field Service Management Software below and see how it can help improve your business or organization.


Workiz comes with all the features needed for effortless scheduling and managing business calendars, teams, and jobs.

Some of their features include job scheduling, job management, service dispatch, online payments, team management, client management, inventory management, invoice, reporting, online booking, and others.

Workiz software solution helps easily invoice clients, get paid, track due balances and payment statuses from any device used.

This solution allows full control and visibility of your customers, their location, payment information, history, inventory used, and many more.

It’s possible to easily manage any service team with real-time, from field communication, location tracking, two-way SMS, and more.

There’s a long list of businesses that can find Workiz software helpful. These businesses include pet services, pool services, plumbing, maid and cleaning, alarm and security, carpet cleaning, appliance repairs, garage door, electricians, construction, installation, and others.



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